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Turning Dominoes into a Relay Race

Now that primary season has officially begun and a million breaths are being expended on the latest developments, I thought I’d distill it down for you as briefly and as cynically as possible.

Back in a 2007 interview General Wesley Clark related how shortly after the US’s 2001 invasion of Afghanistan he was told that the military had further plans to “take out seven countries in five years.”

Of those countries—Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran—three have since either been invaded or fallen into civil war and disarray. And while the timetable may have been off, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because of that old adage “the best laid plans of mice and men,” the most important takeaway here is that the process has spanned across two presidential administrations which on paper are as different as one could find.

That neocon George W. Bush seamlessly handed off the baton to hope-filled upstart Barack Obama should dispel any prospective 2016 voter’s illusions that “his guy” has the power or ability to change the script being implemented by career world-shapers operating behind the scenes. The dominoes have continued to fall under Barry’s watch.

The anti-war sentiment stemming from Iraq War fatigue that helped fuel a Democrat win in 2008 has not stopped us from destabilizing both Libya and Syria, leading to hideous humanitarian disasters all justified by the need to get rid of “a bad guy.” In one respect we have so much blood on our hands that it would only be right if we are one day somehow held accountable, but the broader truth may be that through the centuries empires are simply used as enforcers by the stateless puppet masters behind the scenes—before of course also being discarded after having lost their vitality and power. Yesterday it was the European colonial powers, today it’s the United States, and tomorrow it will be someone else.

So in this futile light it seems as if the only purpose in voting at all is on social grounds, because during the last 7 years of the Obama administration we have surely seen some sweeping cultural shifts (which on the surface might indicate an increase of freedoms and human rights, but the keen observer senses early-stage moral decay and disintegration of our national identity, all under the watchful eye of the surveillance state which misses nothing and records everything).

For nearly 15 years we have let our might be used to steamroll innocent countries whose only sins were that of geography and being imperfect, and our collective reaction has been either to double down on blind jingoism or to revert to a tribalistic hedonism intent on sticking as much ink, drugs, and other body parts into every crevice of one’s own body. How can we possibly “make America great again” when half of the population thinks the last 30 years of industrial dismantling can magically be undone by building a few new domestic factories? Can we really expect much from the army of baristas with stretched earlobes and chestplate tattoos headed back to school at age 33?

It’s a surreal time where one’s thoughts echo with the words “this will not end well” but in any grocery store you can find organic food and craft beer. For a pittance you can buy devices which give you access to the entirety of human knowledge and artistic output, but they can also be used to track and incriminate you. We’re standing on the razor’s edge of a shift in history where in one breath we’re being exponentially wrenched forward but then still find ourselves checked by baked-in biological limitations and prey to that nagging sensation that despite our savvy ways we too are merely players—or was that pawns?—on life’s stage.

Senility’s Choice

For those of us who have taken the Red Pill and awoken to the man behind history’s curtain, it is still no less shocking to see who are the American sheeple’s leading candidates for president. Whereas we skeptically minded veered off onto a more conspiratorial fork in the road several years back in an attempt to synthesize all of the seemingly random events that toss our world like a small raft in the ocean, the rest of the population has hummed right along according to the mainstream narrative and arrived at doddering socialist Bernie Sanders and raving corporatist Donald Trump as their putative men of the hour.

And while I’m certainly pleased that the Clinton vs Bush duel I had dreaded appears canceled, I can’t see in this other showdown any reason to be more optimistic about America’s mental health. The best way I can even account for what we’re seeing—Trump’s dancing girls in patriotic leotards, 30-somethings who never cared about politics before Obama now eager to make us “feel the Bern”—is that these two phenomena stem from the same source: that this election year is the senile dying gasp of the post-WWII American empire.

On the right we have the “silent majority” who traditionally pride themselves on piety, hard work, and duty both to community and, when called upon, to country. After seeing the culture crumble under Obama’s watch, and all the while being called hateful bigots for standing up for what was considered normal just 10 years ago, they have found in Donald Trump’s impassioned calls to “make America great again” a man to rally around that will give them the peace of mind to do what they do best: keeping their heads down and getting work done.

But the problem is that life does not give out trophies just for doing your duty. When you put on blinders in the hope that by sacrificing yourself the universe will honor you, it is this naivete that allows corrupt unseen hands to manipulate and abuse you. Living for “Honey Do” lists just makes you a mule serving unscrupulous people.

So for all these salt-of-the-earth folk who still believe the official 9/11 narrative—that it was a surprise attack by Arabs and not a world consciousness-shifting tactical operation carried out and enabled by several governments—it’s only natural that after 14+ years of region-destabilizing war they don’t pause to reconsider if invading another country is what we should be doing. They’re just as eager as ever to send the next wave of their offspring toward the prosthetic ward if you just give them a “strong leader” to justify their “noble” obeisance.

Meanwhile on the other side of the cultural rift that has been steadily expanding since the 2003 Iraq War protests, the Left’s prevailing motivating undercurrent of belief can be expressed by that Social Justice Warrior credo that “if there’s something we don’t like, we can and will fix it…now!”

In some wicked witch’s brew blending foggy memories of 60s campus radicalism with viciously totalitarian policy demands straight out of the grimmest dystopian fiction, today’s young liberal army which grew up in the soft-hand service economy of post-industrial America is a juggernaut of pushiness unbounded by the practical limitations that forced past movements to move at a reasonable pace.

Armed with hi-tech devices which can disseminate their message worldwide instantly and for free (whereas just 30 years ago it would require expensive paper and distribution logistics to make even a dent); buried under so much debt that the repayment process is more of a nagging afterthought than a time-sensitive imperative; and having excused themselves from any meaningful responsibilities by working for non-profits rather than starting their own businesses, these SJWs are as confident as they are nonchalant in seeking to quickly impose radical changes upon the rest of society.

Justified by some bizarre mash-up of “we hold these truths to be self-evident” and “by any means necessary,” today’s Far Left bypass all checks and balances in their race against the clock to make things right—especially now that Obama has less than a year in office, they are frantic to enact and make permanent these goals should (perish the thought) a Republican succeed him.

Among the tools at their disposal, our SJW saviors employ hot-button court cases, far-reaching executive actions, and social media guilt-and-shame campaigns to circumvent the slow, morphing pace of everyday change which tends to stick more lastingly than when something is rammed down the population’s throat. (The fact that America is still grappling with abortion 40 years after Roe v. Wade should have given everyone pause before again looking to the Supreme Court to resolve the gay marriage issue. No doubt many in Trump’s camp cite the latter as part of why they support him.)

In conversation and blog posts, SJW’s use innocuous words like “sensible” to talk us into a feel-good short term (themselves oblivious to the hellish long-term consequences), and employ throw-away lines like “I’m a wife and a mom,” as if those adjectives render someone’s beliefs or desires any more value than saying you’re a cab driver, gamer, or sorority sister. This insidious manipulation of words is so dangerous because at any moment these SJWs can innocently throw their hands up and deny any responsibility for the chaos they have unleashed.

So where do we stand? Barring any shenanigans by the Republican and Democrat parties during the primaries—and if you remember the submarining of Howard Dean’s campaign in 2004 you wouldn’t put it past them—I don’t see how we avoid this Trump/Sanders train wreck, which would be amusing if the fate of our country wasn’t tied up into it. You’d hate to think that assassination or a Ross Perot-style threat could force either man out of the race but after seeing how little rules have mattered to the power brokers over the past 15 years, we really shouldn’t be surprised by anything.

Of course, there are other big factors at play that might make 2016 the most interesting years of our lives. We don’t even know what the true state of the economy is but hardly anyone would use the word “optimistic” to describe it. Russia and China continue to make long-term power moves which foretell of a day with more worldwide parity, if not a weaker, second-tier status for the US.

Such inexorable macro trends which only point downward might in fact be why we’re faced with such a circus as Trump vs Sanders. The country has gone senile and lost its way. This election farce will be a tragic final act of the American Empire where the willfully naive do battle against the ankle-biting tyrants.

Postscript: The main wild card which interests me is the demographic shift as the white population ages and shrinks. I’ve seen firsthand the enthusiasm of the first- and second-generation Latinos here in the LA area. They also have a healthy sense of family and community which differs greatly from the dysfunction in blacks and also whites. No doubt as the Latino population grows there will be a battle among the political parties for their allegiance, and I don’t think it’s a shoe-in for the Democrats as it first might appear. Perhaps one of the two powerhouse parties will have to disintegrate and form anew to account for the millions of other new immigrants we’ve brought in from India, Russia, Africa, and Asia. Time will tell…

The Replacements

As I keep myself on task completing all the small steps that it takes to set up my business after moving back to Los Angeles, every time I’m out amongst the people I can’t help but be struck by how stupid and slovenly this country has become. Not only that, it seems as if America caters to the lowest classes, particularly those who recklessly crank out kids.

To paraphrase Victor Hugo’s axiom “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,” the modern equivalent might be, “If you want to know who a nation prefers, see who the government subsidizes.”

Let’s look at the US government’s unwritten immigration policy over the last 15 years. Despite the countless Americans who lost jobs after big business moved our factory network wholesale to China, millions of foreigners have been allowed to legally immigrate from 3rd World countries in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Despite the alleged threat from Al Qaeda in the wake of 9/11 making closing our southern border a sensible move in the name of national security, this was never done and an unknown number of people have illegally migrated here via that route, primarily from Mexico and Central/South America.

Any visit to New York City gives one the odd sensation of being in some Star Wars bazaar: around every corner people born in China, the Caribbean, Russia, and beyond crowd the streets. Meanwhile headlines from around the country relate the chilling trend of cities and states far away from our southern border where Latinos constitute the majority of schoolchildren or the foreign-born population threatens to upset the political balance.

For years I have been banging my head against the wall trying to make sense of our country’s “do as I say, not as I do” approach to immigration. I saw right-wing pundits and politicians speak passionately as they took a stand to “defend the country,” but the complete lack of impactful policy changes leads me to believe they were simply actors put in place to placate “old America” and, most importantly, buy time as the massive foreign influx was allowed to continue. Democrats’ more welcoming sensibilities were also abused during this time.

So what could it all mean? What is this unspoken policy? I believe that after several decades of low birth rates due to Baby Boomer affluence, birth control, and legalized abortion our population was deemed by the bean counters to be on such an unsustainable crash course that the dispassionate elites who really run things determined that America needed to employ a redux of the waves of immigration that characterized the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Just as our shores accepted and assimilated unwashed hordes from Ireland, Eastern Europe, and Italy before the borders were closed in 1924, so too now the USA is taking a gamble with its cultural identity in the name of financial solvency.

How else to explain not the mere granting of permission to enter but the bending over backwards to accommodate all the New Americans? A hundred years ago if you came here from Poland you tapped into whatever network of your countrymen existed in your new city in order to get by, but now there are WIC cards, free medical clinics, Obamacare, an entire network in place to take care of you and especially your little offspring.

Yes, these first-generation children are most important of all because they are the future taxpayers, the ones who will ensure that ossified government programs like Social Security will stay funded. The added bonus is that whereas Americans whose families have been here for at least a few generations know and remember how this country is supposed to function, people who have escaped extreme poverty are more appreciative of First World comforts and less likely to challenge the government which has offered them so many carrots.

So I hate to say it but those of us who think that if we just buckle down and run our businesses tight and lean, that in a few years we will be able to create a nest egg to live comfortably–I just don’t know what kind of a country is going to be there once we cash out. Simply put, the self-sufficient Americans are being phased out. Our intelligence and insight make us too volatile for the country’s future managed, service economy.

Think about the complete transformation our society has undergone during the past 25 years. Mom and Pop are dead except for those who now scrape by printing eBay shipping labels in their home offices. Whereas Bill Clinton’s marital affairs were once a moral scandal, now everybody has their own sex tape. Tattoos used to be the hallmarks of hard-living bikers, underground musicians, and brave soldiers–now the average person who doesn’t have any ink is the odd man out. And finally, over the past 7 years America’s hearts and minds were persuaded enough to make gay marriage the “policy” of the land, yet we were not even allowed a moment to take it all in before the next big social agenda push began–and now a man who dresses like a woman (and also drives like one) is on TV winning courage awards.

It all seems to be moving too far too fast. Many of us who were considered normal 20 years ago now feel like anachronisms, and worse yet when we open our mouths risk being called bigots, homophobes, sexists, and full of hate. There’s no Elysium or Galt’s Gulch for us to run to either. The only poetic saving grace to it all might be the fact that there is no stopping the momentum, so those activists who today put down their placards after marijuana or gay marriage became legal in their states may find themselves on the receiving end of history’s juggernaut ten or fifteen years down the road. Today’s judge may be tomorrow’s accused.

So this seems to be the big gamble our controllers are taking as they employ population replacement and societal transformation on a grand scale: will they be able to fill their destabilization campaign’s void with the Socialist-Idiocracy-Nanny State of their dreams before a conservative, religious, and very human backlash lays waste to the good, the bad, and the ugly of the past 45 years?

By 2050 we could all be living in drugged-out androgynous harmony where our needs are taken care of by AI robots. Or we might all end up as farmers living off the land and completing the evening chores by candlelight. All I know is that there are certain characteristics baked into man’s behavior, and civilizations rise and fall in relation to how the human animal is treated by his society and government. I fear that under the guise of offering unlimited freedom we are being herded into a terrible new pen.

The Left is Eating Itself (and I Feel Fine)

The New York Times Magazine article entitled “When Women Become Men at Wellesley” describes a phenomenon in our society that is so psychotic that I may not have or even need the words to convey its significance. It boils down to this: colleges that only admit women are now getting stuck in the murky gray area of gender identity, and in the process many of the same catch phrases that feminism invokes to implicate The Patriarchy are now being used against the colleges themselves. The irony is as delicious as will be the fiasco some years down the road once this whole Far, Far Left experiment in feel-good wordplay has gotten so tangled up that it ends up choking itself to death.

It’s my understanding that the modern feminist movement was first about empowering women to strive for equal treatment with men. By the 1990s it had adopted an agenda of man-bashing, and in the 2000s a chorus of “You go grrl” pep talks filled women’s heads with impossibly lofty ideas that often burst horribly when coming into contact with reality—usually after one finally left the womb of Never Neverland University.

This whole transgender phenomenon is fascinating because it might knock the women’s movement right off its perch and tear the whole damn thing to shreds. When women who want to “celebrate” their transgender classmates also rely on the arguments once used by men to defend their own spaces under invasion, the cognitive dissonance might very well make their heads explode. When it was women themselves trying to kick down men’s doors then it all made perfect sense, but now as transgender people cite their own emotional needs in seeking to change women’s traditions, it’s getting near impossible for even the politically correct to keep tabs on the latest Most Favored Group.

And I love it. For decades men have been the pariahs where no defamation against us was too cruel, where the sins of The Patriarchy’s past justified any double standard that might pass over a straight white male. But now the very arguments feminists once so passionately made for women and against men are being refashioned for a new generation of outsiders not seeking to merely be tolerated but also embraced and put on a pedestal. Well, like a ship coming into harbor with so much momentum that even reversing the engines couldn’t stop it, the USS Feminista looks to be on a fatal collision course as its ideas play out to their logical end: the reign of chaos after all definitions and distinctions have been obliterated.

The NY Times article is quite long, complete with heartstring-pulling anecdotes about students who were born female but consider themselves male, so below here some of the choicest quotes which will have you at times shaking your head, laughing out loud, and ultimately feeling as antiquated and old-fashioned as Pat Buchanan.

First we have Timothy, a trans male student at Wellesley who found “himself” alone on a school ballot after the other candidates for various reasons dropped out. An anonymous Facebook campaign was launched in order to drum up enough abstain votes to deny “him” the seat:

The “Campaign to Abstain” argument was simple: Of all the people at a multiethnic women’s college who could hold the school’s “diversity” seat, the least fitting one was a white man. … “Having men in elected leadership positions undermines the idea of this being a place where women are the leaders.”

But here’s the rub:

[Timothy] pointed out that he has important contributions to make to the MAC position. After all, at Wellesley, masculine-of-center students are cultural minorities; by numbers alone, they’re about as minor as a minority can be. And yet Timothy said he felt conflicted about taking a leadership spot. “The patriarchy is alive and well,” he said. “I don’t want to perpetuate it.”

Oh my goodness, the tangled webs of logic we weave! Relatively speaking in this context, a man is the minority, so thank Odin that The Patriarchy is there like a sewer grate to quickly toss our contradictions into before anyone notices. Here’s some more:

The student body, [Wellesley’s website] says, is “2,300 smart, singular women feeling the power of 2,300 smart, singular women together” on a campus where “our common identity, spirit and pride as Wellesley women” are celebrated. Those sorts of messages, trans students say, make them feel invisible. “I just wish the administration would at least acknowledge our existence,” said Eli Cohen, a Wellesley senior who has been taking testosterone for nearly a year. “I’d be more O.K. with ‘We’re not going to cater to you, because men are catered to everywhere else in life,’ rather than just pretending we don’t exist.”

The convoluted logic of this hierarchy of blame is simply fantastic. Let me translate: “The university is being insensitive to its trans male students in an incorrect manner. Rather than ignore us because we’re a small minority, at least say you’re insulting us as payback for being such entitled men.” Right now I feel like a 16th century English king being greeted at his castle by fifty trumpets after returning from battle—this is simply glorious!

Let’s keep reading:

What’s a women’s college to do? Trans students point out that they’re doing exactly what these schools encourage: breaking gender barriers, fulfilling their deepest yearnings and forging ahead even when society tries to hold them back. But yielding to their request to dilute the focus on women would undercut the identity of a women’s college. … As a marginalized group fighting for respect and clout, how could women justify marginalizing others?

Yes, yes, yes! Once you’ve broken one gender barrier you simply cannot stop until you’ve broken them all! And sadly for women they’re next in line to be trampled by the acolytes on their holy pilgrimage.

Then we have the case of Laura Bruno, your everyday female Wellesley student, who got herself into a little trouble when she inadvertently offended trans male student Kaden Mohamed during a TV interview.

The interviewer asked Laura to describe her experience at an “all-female school” and to explain how that might be diminished “by having men there.” Laura answered, “We look around and we see only women, only people like us, leading every organization on campus, contributing to every class discussion.”

Kaden dropped this righteous salvo via email right down the throat of Ms. Bruno’s heartless inbox:

“I am not a woman. I am a trans man who is part of your graduating class, and you literally ignored my existence in your interview. . . . You had an opportunity to show people that Wellesley is a place that is complicating the meaning of being an ‘all women’s school,’ and you chose instead to displace a bunch of your current and past Wellesley siblings.”

Booya! Welcome to your insight into what it’s like to be an actual male, Laura. You didn’t account for every possible variable while making a statement, one person got offended, and now there’s hell to pay.

Laura apologized, saying she hadn’t meant to marginalize anyone and had actually vowed beforehand not to imply that all Wellesley students were women. But she said that under pressure, she found herself in a difficult spot: How could she maintain that women’s colleges would lose something precious by including men, but at the same time argue that women’s colleges should accommodate students who identify as men?

I wish I could turn these words into a sauce so I could just marinate in it for hours. Oh, the paradox. The irony. The car crashing at 100 mph into the wall. My real birth penis getting so hard…

But we can’t stop, the hits keep on coming, you can’t make this stuff up. Take the tale of Jesse Austin, who when returning to school after a year and a half absence, had changed considerably due to two years of testosterone injections.

Jesse no longer looked like a woman trying to pass as a man. His voice was deep. His facial hair was thick, though he kept it trimmed to a stubble. His shoulders had become broad and muscular, his hips narrow, his arms and chest more defined.
“Everything felt very different than it had before,” he said of that semester. “I felt so distinctly male, and I felt extremely awkward. I felt like an outsider. My voice was jarring — a male voice, which is so distinct in a classroom of women — so I felt weird saying much in class…”

Once spring semester ended, Jesse withdrew. “I still think of Wellesley as a women’s place, and I still think that’s a wonderful idea,” he said. “It just didn’t encompass me anymore. I felt it was a space I shouldn’t tread in.”

What’s this, did one drop of reason squeak through the cracks? Fortunately we have Beth, regular female student who like many felt that something was being lost when the school’s traditional mantra of “Sisterhood” was changed to “Siblinghood” to accommodate everyone’s feelings.

“Changing ‘sister’ to ‘sibling’ didn’t feel like it was including more people; it felt like it was taking something away from sisterhood, transforming our safe space for the sake of someone else. At the same time, I felt guilty feeling that way.” Beth went to Kris Niendorf, the director of residential life, who listened sympathetically and then asked: Why does “sibling” take away from your experience? After thinking about it, Beth concluded that she was connected to her classmates not because of gender but because of their shared experiences at Wellesley. “That year was an epiphany for me. I realized that if we excluded trans students, we’d be fighting on the wrong team. We’d be on the wrong side of history.”

Wow. We just watched a play-by-play demonstration of how Leftist brainwashing moves a person away from an honest feeling in her own heart first to a guilty sense of doubt, then leaps into a self-righteous rationalization that capitulating to the wants of a small minority somehow ushers them all into the annals of history. This is grotesque, it is appalling and tragic—I am chilled to the bone thinking about the mental parasite which is slowly killing our culture from within.

Even the most politically correct of male professors finds himself exasperated as the worm turns against a true villain, the use of those hurtfully exclusionary pronouns:

“All my life here,” [sociology professor Thomas] Cushman told me, “I’ve been compelled to use the female pronoun more generously to get away from the sexist ‘he.’ I think it’s important to evoke the idea that women are part of humanity. That should be affirmed, especially after being denied for so long. Look, I teach at a women’s college, so whenever I can make women’s identity central to that experience, I try to do that. Being asked to change that is a bit ironic. I don’t agree that this is a ‘historically’ women’s college. It is still a women’s college.”

But not according to our friend Eli:

When I asked Eli if trans men belonged at Wellesley, he said he felt torn. “I don’t necessarily think we have a right to women’s spaces. But I’m not going to transfer, because this is a place I love, a community I love. I realize that may be a little selfish. It may be a lot selfish.”

Don’t worry about it, you’re on the right side of history. Eh, sibling? Just as women selfishly pushed themselves into men’s spaces like golf clubs—those rare spheres where men could enjoy some time to fraternize away from their wives—now trans men find that serving their own desires trumps traditionally oriented women’s need to feel safe and comfortable. Do you see where this road is going yet?

But not everyone trans is acting so selfishly.

Last December, a transmasculine Wellesley student wrote an anonymous blog post that shook the school’s trans community. The student wrote to apologize for “acting in the interest of preserving a hurtful system of privileging masculinity.” He continued: “My feelings have changed: I do not think that trans men belong at Wellesley.” …

The reactions were swift and strong. “A lot of trans people on campus felt emotionally unsafe,” recalled Timothy, a sophomore that year. … Some accused the blogger of speaking on behalf of women as if they were unable to speak for themselves.

Aha, yes! Like Pavlov’s freaking dog some perfectly programmed Leftbots found a way to claim that a biological female, writing a nuanced op-ed piece from the heart, was somehow implying that women are inferior. This is completely delusional. I am actually genuinely sympathetic towards people whose minds have been so tainted that their thought process goes from point A to P (for Patriarchy, of course) every time and at light speed.

As the next excerpt shows, even the politics of interpersonal relationships on an all-female campus are changing, much to the chagrin of lesbians:

Another difficult conversation about trans students touches on the disproportionate attention they receive on campus. “The female-identified students somehow place more value on those students,” said Rose Layton, a lesbian who said she views trans students as competitors in the campus dating scene. “They flirt with them, hook up with them. And it’s not just the hetero women, but even people in the queer community. The trans men are always getting this extra bit of acknowledgment. Even though we’re in a women’s college, the fact is men and masculinity get more attention and more value in this social dynamic than women do.”

Wah wah for Rose and her fellow lesbians! They used to be the only novelty in town, coaxing curious straight freshmen to experiment sexually after a few drinks—but now Teena Brandon’s elbowing “his” way into the monopoly. Whatever happened to tolerance? But wait, there’s more!

Kaden Mohamed said he felt downright objectified when he returned from summer break last year, after five months of testosterone had lowered his voice, defined his arm muscles and reshaped his torso. It was attention that he had never experienced before he transitioned. But as his body changed, students he didn’t even know would run their hands over his biceps. Once at the school pub, an intoxicated Wellesley woman even grabbed his crotch and that of another trans man.

“It’s this very bizarre reversal of what happens in the real world,” Kaden said. “In the real world, it’s women who get fetishized, catcalled, sexually harassed, grabbed. At Wellesley, it’s trans men who do. If I were to go up to someone I just met and touch her body, I’d get grief from the entire Wellesley community, because they’d say it’s assault — and it is. But for some reason, when it’s done to trans men here, it doesn’t get read the same way. It’s like a free pass, that suddenly it’s O.K. to talk about or touch someone’s body as long as they’re not a woman.”

What’s this now? Women who dress and act like men being objectified by other women?! A double standard favoring women over men? No! I can’t believe! My brain feels like I’m eating Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream, this moment is just too savory for words!!!

But sadly, that party is over. All natural born men who aren’t trans or post or anything else should drink a shot of espresso and read this next paragraph with eyes wide open:

Last month, Mount Holyoke College announced a more far-reaching policy: It would admit all academically qualified students regardless of their anatomy or self-proclaimed gender, except for those biologically male at birth who still identify as male. In a list that reflects just how much traditional notions of gender have been upended, Mount Holyoke said eligible candidates now include anyone born biologically female, whether identified as woman, man, neither or “other” and anyone born biologically male who identifies as a woman or “other.” The school president, Lynn Pasquerella, said she and her officers made the decision after concluding it was an issue of civil rights.

Did you get that? Everyone in the country is part of a special interest group except biological males who act like males. The target is on our backs! This is ridiculous. A coddlefest of staggering proportions. Double standards, preferential treatment, exclusion—anything to get a leg up on us everyday normal guys.

Well guess what? You can juggle and refashion words all you want and in the end you will still be right back where you started, except maybe without the breasts you decided to chop off. But you will never take away our natural physical superiority, the size and strength which we could use to rape any one of you on the street if we wanted, but instead we generously use to build your houses and your cars. You will never be able to replicate our deep spirituality and intelligence, which we could use simply to sit in the forest and contemplate the timeless mysteries but instead we generously use to invent your cell phones and create all the great works of art.

The hideous secret that in your shortsighted anger and childish jealousy you fail to understand is that only through millennia of being challenged by the rigors of facing reality and being accountable to it on an hourly basis have men come to be in this state of “privilege” you decry. While girls are protected and coddled and lightly punished and showered with free gifts simply for existing, every day a man plods through his obligations without an excuse maker or tabloid puff-piece writer around every corner to clean up his mess or aggrandize him.

And for the past forty years since feminism came onto the scene, you have only gotten weaker and more delusional while we men have had to keep the engine of society running while also bearing the added weight of alimony and losing custody of our children even when it was you who initiated the divorce. We have been drugged for not sitting still in a stifling school environment that goes against our nature. We have lost chances at athletic glory so that you could clumsily play our sports at half speed. We have been passed over for educational opportunities then watched as you left the professional jobs we should have had in order to stay at home with your kids.

And yet we are expected to keep drilling the oil, paving the roads, cutting down the trees, and opening your damn pickle jars because the truth—once the cataract of your word games has been stripped away —the truth is that we men possess all that is powerful and great, and rather than humble yourselves in appreciation for all that we give and create, you rebel against the natural order at the expense of us all. Because again, in utter obliviousness you don’t realize how little you would have to do to make all our silent toil worth it. A gracious smile, a colorful dress, a meal cooked with care, and non-begrudging sex are all it takes to recharge us to go back out again and face the harsh elements which you still can’t tame despite all of the hormone treatments injected into your thighs.

You need us. We only desire you.

Women’s Secret Biographies

When my best friend’s wife left him out of the blue it sent shockwaves through us all, because as he phrases it, “She was vetted.” In the six years since that paradigm-shifting day he and I have kept an ongoing dialogue about the mysterious underbelly of human nature in order that neither of us should find ourselves so badly blindsided again. A local news story this week in Oregon brings the lesson home writ large that any man can fall victim to a woman’s duplicity and sins of omission.

"Got me a newer model with more miles than I have!"

“Bought me a newer model… but she’s got more miles than I do!”

I was out of town on business all week and picked up the Willamette Week at my corner coffee shop this morning to see what was going on in Portland. I happened to read the cover story which suggests conflicts of interest that Oregon governor John Kitzhaber’s longtime girlfriend Cylvia Hayes might have in her dual roles as the state’s first lady and involvement with trade deals focused on sustainability.

The main impression I got from the article was that she’s an elite-minded phony whose core goals are typically what you find when you boil it all down: a) telling other people what to do, and b) insulation from a life of manual labor. She spouts the classic “I grew up poor” sob story to earn gravitas, and so self-righteous is her environmentalist mantra that she has even said, “I don’t work for the governor, I work for the earth.” Amazing to think that such smug platitudes can still hoodwink the masses, but so it goes.

Walking home after breakfast I kept chewing over this most revealing fact: she already had three divorces under her belt by the age of 35. Now 47 and engaged to Kitzhaber as of August after years as “life partners,” Hayes must have envisioned the next four years as her “rags to riches” coronation should he, a man twenty years her senior no less, win reelection next month, with nuptials sure to follow.

But in life high drama sometimes lies in wait near the finish line. Soon after getting home I stumbled upon this bombshell online that follows up on the previous piece. Apparently Ms. Hayes’s third marriage in 1997 was to an 18-year-old Ethiopian student who paid her $5,000 so he could get a green card. Hayes, 29 at the time and also a student, claims it was “an unstable period in my life” and that “I was associating with the wrong people.” Hmm, what people were these exactly?

Not only did she sweep this illegal marriage under the rug while building up her meticulous façade, she never once revealed it to Kitzhaber during all the years they’ve been together. He only learned about it this week after Willamette Week started digging into the court records—which always seem so dirty—and now all her big talk about the “work that I do on behalf of our environment and trying to make people’s lives better” will have to wait because “I need to take some personal time to reflect and address this difficult situation and to focus on my relationship with John.”

Yes, and what about old John, longtime politician with two divorces of his own to boast? Why, you’re now inducted into the Cuckold Club, a high ranking member of that rare class: Cuckold of the Decade. And even though your boo’s fling with Mr. Abraham B. Abraham was merely of the paperwork sham variety, it sure is instructive to all us Joe Nobodies that a man at the top with life experience and the winning smile can get the wool pulled over his eyes by a say-anything gold digger just like the rest of us.

Wah wah, got caught. Time for the perp walk!

Wah wah, got caught. Time for the perp walk!

I believe that somewhere deep in every woman’s subconscious there is a microchip that employs Outcome Based Logic to justify any type of bad behavior when it is exposed. In sweet Cylvia’s own words: “My decision to marry illegally felt very, very distant and far removed from the life I was building. I was ashamed and embarrassed. Therefore I did not share this information even with John once we met and started dating.” And there it is.

To paraphrase the logic: “I am an unaccomplished woman in my 30s with a sketchy past, so as I try to infiltrate respectable society I must keep my new identity squeaky clean, particularly in the eyes of this successful man whose coattails I intend to ride. Oops, now it’s ten years into our relationship and I never bothered to tell him so that he at least could politically strategize in advance to protect his reputation should my dark secrets come to light—not to mention his feelings! Oh well, I’m going to take some time off… don’t forget to vote Kitzhaber!”

Now let’s see her in action. First, in this patronizing little speech her delusions of grandeur about saving the environment intertwine perfectly with a public figure’s self-aggrandizing life story narrative—just remember that this impressively put-together professional woman yukking it up with the crowd is at the core really just another sexy little scammer taking advantage of people’s gullibility while keeping her own agenda moving forward. The whole thing is just so full of shit!

And now video of this week’s heartbreaking press conference where behind the crocodile tears we witness as the dreams of a poor child “who would bathe in Old Man Green’s pond up the road” are crushed by the Angel of Accountability, that cruel judge who inevitably finds us all to settle accounts. Even clever little girls who year after year walk away from their sins of expediency, who pause not after a flicker of their conscience but merely to touch up their makeup before rounding the corner to see what new doors their pretty face can open.

Century after century, men both great and poor fall for the mindless charming guile that nature has bestowed upon women. They smile at us and whisper promises, so we open our gates and dare to trust—and afterwards we somehow always find ourselves trampled on the ground, penniless, our reputations torn to shreds, our hearts crushed and confused.

There’s no clever out here—we’re looking at a stark and sometimes brutal part of life that just has to be meditated on personally by all men. We have to ask ourselves hard questions beforehand. How vulnerable am I willing to make myself? How thoroughly would I investigate a woman whose company I enjoy? Would I even have the strength to leave her if I didn’t like what I found out?

All kidding aside, a part of me sympathizes with John Kitzhaber right now. Not the politician, not the savvy public figure, but the man deep down inside who got played just like Samson, just like my friend, just like a billion other unknown men throughout history. It’s heavy stuff and all we can do is look at it right in the eyes.

Amnesty Without Borders

In light of the seemingly impending move by the Obama administration to grant amnesty to the countless millions of illegal aliens currently in our country, I have an even more generous and downright humane proposal. Rather than forcing people to actually make the treacherous and sometimes deadly journey through slums and across deserts in order to sneak into the United States, I say that we should simply grant blanket amnesty to anyone around the globe who desires to live here. Call it Amnesty Without Borders.

Now people in countries like Thailand and Russia and Nigeria who don’t have the benefit of Geography Privilege like those born in Central and South America, they too will be able to grab a seat at the free-for-all benefits buffet that constitutes life for the newest residents of the USA.

America’s native born population, a.k.a. The Golden Goose, apparently has no other purpose in life than the moral obligation to accommodate anyone on the planet who finds a way into their country. Their own dreams, culture, and way of life are literally of no consequence in the eyes of the political class and Chamber of Commerce types who are really responsible for our borders remaining so porous nearly 13 years after the 9/11 Psy-Op.

So hey, everybody … come on in!!! The politician whores want your vote, the empty churches want your soul, and the guilty Leftists want to give you reparations while simultaneously eradicating their own race from the map.

For anyone trying to take the eagle’s view on all this, anyone quietly offering a voice of reason by thinking about what the consequences might be—we are systematically being drowned out and ignored as if the forward momentum all but ensures that amnesty and whatever other steamrolling transformations are already a done deal. All I can suggest is to adopt the mindset that you live in a country that has temporarily gone insane, and you must simply ride out the storm while protecting yourself and your own mind.

I recommend reading “Fontamara” by Ignazio Silone. This powerful book chronicles one small Italian village’s victimization at the hands of Fascism in the 1920s and 30s. Written while Silone was exiled in Switzerland, it can provide a pillar of strength for you in knowing that you are not alone or the first to live through one’s beloved country morphing into a tragic, unlivable nightmare—and that one day things may get better.

Ice Bucket Bullshit

Picture if you will a billionaire sitting in his penthouse sometime in 2013 drinking whiskey with one of his equally wealthy friends. Often bored, our billionaire takes to eccentric thrills and pranks to entertain himself. Today he proposes a bet to his friend.

“I bet you the 60-foot yacht I have down at the marina in Manhattan that by the end of next year I can convince 10 million people to film themselves dumping ice water onto their heads and proudly post those videos online.”

The bet is accepted and our eccentric friend sets out to find a way to achieve his goal. He knows how eager Americans are to support non-profit organizations and charities and all the fun events they throw in the name of “helping,” “healing,” and “curing.”

So he bundles his little joke with trying to cure ALS, employing a sort of pyramid scheme called the “Ice Bucket Challenge” where a person who has dumped cold water on his own head dares another to do so and then pay it forward by daring someone else. And on and on around the world it roars until celebrities and even the head of the PGA Tour jump on the bandwagon.

* * *

We’ve been here before. Pink ribbons for countless breast cancer marathons racing for a cure they never seem to find. Even the NFL makes their players wear pink for the entire month of October to “promote awareness” about a disease that doesn’t kill any of the players. (“But what about their mothers?!”) Ridiculous yellow rubber Livestrong bracelets were worn by the millions before poster boy Lance Armstrong’s reputation went down in a fiery crash.

How long will decent, everyday Joes allow themselves to be convinced to do stupid things under the guise of helping? Are they simply followers going along to get along, or is there a hint of guilt they’re trying to assuage by going through these motions that cost them nothing real?

There’s a famous book from the 1840s called “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” that chronicles historical examples of the herd mentality whipping people up into a frenzy. Examples range from the absurd Tulip mania in Holland to the violence of the Crusades.

I wonder if this Ice Bucket Challenge shouldn’t be entered as a chapter in the book’s follow-up. Does no one have any self-respect? Didn’t anyone’s mothers teach them not to let other people make them play the fool? (“But we’re having fuuuuuun!”)

And my god, these videos will be accessible for all time! In sixty thousand years when interdimensional alien archaeologists drop in to see what our species had been all about they will access the surviving digital archives and possibly find a video of you—not performing a violin concerto but flipping a bucket of water onto your head.

I do not accept the Ice Bucket Challenge. Shame on you all.

Putting America Last

Two major current events in the news have me asking myself, do our leaders have any remaining interest in or loyalty to America at all? How else to account for the slavish desire to accommodate a seemingly unlimited number of foreigners from Central America who are attempting to move into the United States without following the formal immigration procedures that people from Asia, Africa, and Europe must abide? How else to describe the worship by politicians and the media of “our friend and ally” Israel ad nauseam year in and year out, and especially now in light of its latest war against Hamas?

Our own people here at home are hurting right now. With no manufacturing base our economy and national purpose are like a rudderless ship yet instead of making a plan to get America spiritually and physically back on its feet, the politicians are fawning over a large potential new voter block to take under their wing. Last century our leaders inspired us with an optimistic vision of America to build dams and skyscrapers and bridges—today cynical politicians and their retinue of lobbyist barnacles see us only as serfs who need to be ruled and as sources of tax revenue for their pet projects and lavish lifestyles.

The average American is so hooked into the mainstream narrative of history that it’s hard to even bring up these concepts without quickly being branded all sorts of hateful names in classic Pavlovian fashion. People’s blindness and naïveté can be downright exasperating—it might take 30 minutes of just getting them up to speed on your premises before a relevant conversation about the issues at hand is even possible. “And who’s got the time, oy vey!”


The everyday dupe looks at the “crisis on the border” as a chance for us to show our compassion as the most generous nation in the world. He is oblivious to the implications of what anecdotes like one-third of births in an Ohio county being born to illegal immigrants means for the future of our country. At what point does generosity give way to the psychotic exit of a people through its own cultural suicide?

And I say this as someone who lived in Los Angeles for a long time. Not only do I have sympathy for the experience of the “anchor babies” who I knew personally, I’ve conducted business with a man who snuck across the border back in the early 90s. Illegal immigration is a longstanding fact of life in Southern California, and anyone who sees the new strip malls popping up in the once dangerous black ghettos that Latinos have taken over can’t help but acknowledge the improvement in these areas.

But no nation should be required to take in any number of foreign citizens for any number of heartrending reasons. It doesn’t happen in Canada and it doesn’t happen in Mexico, so why is it allowed to happen here? Is it simply demographics—white people aborting and “waiting” themselves out of existence? Black people aborting and gangbanging themselves into a bloody epitaph? The need not just for labor but new consumers to replace the dying out whites and blacks?

Sadly, I recently had to go to a southeast Portland Wal-Mart in search of a case for my new tablet. Inside that messy hellhole were blubbery clusters of America’s newest imports from far and wide, all huddled around their carts stuffed with processed food and junk from China. Apparently this is the banal role the corporations and plutocrats have devised for man in a future where every physical need has been accommodated via outsourcing. A sort of Idiocracy meets Wall-E set in a Star Wars bazaar where intelligence, skepticism, and the fire of a William Wallace are seen as threats against maintaining the drug-induced stupor of THX-1138 where meaningless trinkets are bought then immediately discarded outside the store. Simply put, the elite believe liberty is obsolete and will do everything they can to dilute that spirit from within.


And let’s not forget the nitro-infused Kool-Aid about Israel everybody falls over themselves to chug—preferably with cameras and campaign donors nearby. People have literally no clue about the Eastern European genetic roots of modern Jews, how the Zionist movement of the late 19th century even considered Argentina as a potential homeland, how the Bolshevik Revolution that destroyed Russia had many Jewish leaders, the machinations of the Balfour Declaration at the end of WWI, the Zionist bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967 during the Six-Day War, or that it was several Israelis who were arrested on 9/11 near New York City. No, the credulous masses think that sweet little Israel is the first country in the history of the world that doesn’t have the potential for ambition, treachery, aggression, or being in the wrong.

To any reactionary types who think that by not supporting Israel’s war I must therefore not believe the country has a right to exist, I will refer you to my dissection of the binary logic employed by the simpleminded when faced with life’s complicated issues. By hook or by crook forces conspired to make the State of Israel a reality—only a small percentage of us have the courage to see that “so they can finally have a homeland of their own” is a cover story or only part of the picture.

Having constant conflict in the region ensures that Western powers, namely the United States, always have an excuse to keep their foot in the door. Be it for resources or strategic positioning against rising empires like China and Russia, we’re not just interested in protecting Israel because “we’re a Christian nation with the same beautiful heritage rooted the Old Testament.”

How many instances of civil war and sectarian strife around the globe have CNN and Fox News not covered in the past 14 years since Bill Clinton’s famous Camp David summit with Yasser Arafat and Ehud Barak? Has anything really changed since that staged media circus of paper mache hopes and backroom secrets we’ll never be privy to know? It’s a cynical stalemate-by-design with the poor Palestinians and Israelis used as pawns and cannon fodder for the puppet masters every few years. No wonder these Arabs seem rabid and these Jews seem insane—in a cruel twist of fate they are both trapped together in the politician’s net with no hope for escape.


To tie both the US border and Middle East issues together, has anyone else noticed all the semantic games that are played when referring to the parties involved? The media’s selective and suggestive application of descriptive terms is part of the agenda in shaping public opinion. In the Middle East, despite the fact that the land has been inhabited for thousands of years—longer than any other region on the planet except maybe Africa—Israelis establishing new homesteads on former Palestinian property are referred to as “settlers”. What exactly are they settling that hasn’t been built over a hundred times?

Meanwhile the people journeying up from Central America are referred to very gently in context-neutral terms like migrants and dreamers. I say hell, why stop there? If calling someone an illegal alien is considered offensive and judgmental, let’s cast that treacherous journey across jungle and desert in a more heroic light. Not mere refugees, these brave people are adventurers…and pilgrims…or better yet, young explorers!!!

The merit badges and green cards are in the mail…

Mile Markers on the Road to Utopia

A funny thing happens on the way to getting my house cleaned. It seems that within a few minutes of my maid arriving we always find ourselves deep in a political discussion. She, originally from Mexico, recites the Leftist talking points and I, six-foot-tall white entrepreneur, am by default cast into the role of privileged meanie trying to explain myself while carefully picking apart the flaws in her too-good-to-be-true arguments.

Let me interject to say that she really is the sweetest, most agreeable person who in some ways truly has embraced American life, from doing yoga and Zumba to even having a therapist! Far from the stereotypical plump peasant mama, she is a fit and with-it forty-something whose heart is in the right place, and I only use her as an example because her journey is instructive of some broader trends playing out across the country right now: the convergence of feel-good liberalism, metastasizing feminism, and the recruiting of immigrants into the Democrat fold to create this behemoth vanguard of a voting block that’s hell-bent on achieving the socialist dream for all of the oppressed.

My maid says an example of inequality she sees is when lower income people who have informed themselves about making healthy food decisions discover that it’s very expensive, whereas more “privileged” people don’t struggle as much to buy these same groceries. I asked what about airbags in cars—some only have 1 or 2, others have up to 10. Why shouldn’t poor people and their kids be just as safe as the wealthy? That’s not fair! All kidding aside, here’s the bigger point: in theory every Utopian idea seems to make perfect sense, but when you actually remove it from the timeless vacuum in which it was conceived it soon crumbles to pieces.

Her response to my critique was to ask, “So do you not believe that inequality exists?” After many years of being befuddled by this kind of what I thought was misdirection by liberals, I’ve come to realize it is merely a reflection of how shallow their thinking really is. Its foundation seems to be predicated on a very simple form of binary logic where yes-no, on-off scenarios play out in isolation. Therefore when you disagree with a Leftist’s solution to problem X, this computes in his mind as indicating that you do not believe the problem even exists. He can’t conceive that you might have a different, often more nuanced solution, or that the problem has a different cause altogether.

Perhaps most revealing and chilling was when my maid said that she viewed America as not just this country but the entirety of North, Central, and South America—that we’re all the same people. The unspoken meaning of course being unrestricted open borders to the south, and surely we must let all the Honduran “children” in. But why stop there? Let’s take this idea further down the road and say that we are all citizens of the world, not just this or that continent, so why not let everybody in? What if a million (non-Hispanic) children from China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia were at the border, would Leftists then be so eager to let them in? What if the entire 77 million-strong population of the Congo had fled civil war and was knocking at our door?

The conclusion is clear: The logistics and practicalities that are required to live in a stable and functional society are socialism’s terminal blind spot. Every road it takes leads to a head-first collision with absurdly unsustainable situations.


My maid’s biggest concern was with wage inequality between the sexes. When she said that women being out there pursuing advanced degrees is something to be happy about, I interjected that females now account for a significant majority of college students, which made her raise her arms in the celebratory “rah rah” shake. So I added the absurd suggestion put forth by Ramzpaul and asked why stop there—shouldn’t the goal be that women represent 100% of college students? Why not have 100% of the workforce be women? Why don’t women take all the construction, mining, and combat jobs too? She said, “If they want to, they should.” And here’s the rub which Feminists just don’t see: men don’t have that choice!

I just get this sickening feeling as if the range of motion for men is slowly being constricted from all sides. Our society seems to be guided by the notion that anything and everything any woman wants must be celebrated, indulged, subsidized, and empowered immediately and without reflection, implication and consequences be damned. This girl-power juggernaut bowls over boys from an early age and later as men they are left to fend for themselves in an increasingly feminized and sterilized work environment. The imbalance is compounding to the point that we could very well see bands of ostracized men choosing to roam wildly in the woods rather than die in society’s vise—that or a million feeble, stay-at-home dads crocheting “SOS” into blankets while their wives are out prosecuting law and filling cavities.

And what I just don’t understand is why women so badly want to be a part of the system. Where’s the thrill in taking on college loan debt? Why are you so excited to pay the city for a business license? What’s so great about doing work that is taxable when as mothers you are endowed with a profoundly meaningful role that doesn’t require paying a tithing to the IRS? The life of toil and its sacrifices that men once begrudgingly conceded to in order to support their families has been appropriated by women and rebranded as a playground. Meanwhile non-relatives who have no skin in the game raise your children and implant who-knows-what kind of ideas and habits in your absence.

As Edgar Allen Poe said, “Some things are so completely ludicrous that a man must laugh or die.”


In America today the Left so strongly believes in democracy that it vehemently insists that anyone who shows up at the polls on election day should be allowed to vote even without presenting identification verifying who they are. However when a judge strikes down a duly enacted ballot measure that is not in line with their social beliefs—as in the case of gay marriage—they are not in favor of the democratic process. The hypocrisy is chilling—are they in fact cloaked totalitarians simply following the principle of “by any means necessary”?

They seem oblivious to the wider implications of how this logic can be applied: what other laws could be struck down judicially? Or better yet, why even bother with the tedious and costly legal process when you can just ignore any rule at your personal discretion? My body, my choice…for everything! Wait, did we just stumble into Libertarian territory? Can of worms, anyone?


Perhaps 95% of a Leftist’s core assumptions are flawed. Year after year they remain uncorrected thanks to an ingenious mental body armor which employs an “ignore the messenger” method of discrediting even the most well-articulated challenges to their claims. The thought process goes something like this: “I believe A to be true. He said that in actuality B is true, but he was aggressive and sounded mean about it. Therefore A is still likely correct and I will not trouble myself to investigate further.”

They don’t even realize it themselves but Leftists will simply discard an opposing viewpoint if it is not perfectly couched in their own puffy language and equivocating tones. Never mind that everyone else must patiently suffer through their convoluted treatises and only call them out on the major plot holes, lest they not utter a full sentence before facing more valid objections and requests for clarification than you see in a scintillating courtroom drama on cable.

But life is not black and white. Many of the people we disagree with are our friends and family, they’re not comic book villains even if some of the ideas they’ve adopted are quite dangerous when taken all the way. So even though we’re not required to express dissenting opinions in a manner that ensures they don’t feel uncomfortable, in the interest of “winning hearts and minds” we should engage them using their own delicate words, slowly guiding them to that “aha” moment a child often experiences when he suddenly “gets” something for the first time.

At heart Leftists are not as earnest as they’d like to think they are. While always eager to “do something” for the amorphous oppressed masses down the street and around the globe, they cringe at having to admit that a shiny idea they embraced might have a rotten core. But as any ancient Asian philosopher will wisely tell you, we’ve got to let them have a way of saving face. Rather than make them feel like they were wrong, we should convey our ideas in their language to show that we’re not heartless but act pragmatically out of our insights into human nature. We could say something like: “Take this as a learning experience. Now you’re better able to deal with contingencies, because hey, life really is complicated and things never play out exactly as planned. Wouldn’t you feel terrible if the help you provided to that hardworking single mom was only a band-aid and she found herself vulnerable again in six months?”


A culture war is raging where half of the participants believe themselves to be on a holy crusade toward world socialism. How and why they think it won’t turn into a Stalin or Mao sequel is mystifying. Those of us who simply want to slow the train to ask some questions about the track ahead are demonized as bigots, sexists, racists, and just downright insensitive. Oh, how very little the Left comprehends that we are actually quite thoughtful and spend many troubled hours grappling with the truckload of powerful issues that have been dumped on the human psyche to the point of being too much to reconcile.

Everything we knew and understood is under assault from inside and out. I am 35 years old and some days feel utterly obsolete, like Rip van Winkle stumbling into an alien village that was once his very own. If I were to actively engage in the “culture war to save America” I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But maybe that’s not what we’re supposed to do anyway.

When I lived in LA I bought toner refills from a very earnest Iranian Christian who had fled his homeland in 1979 after the Revolution. Every six months when I showed up at his little warehouse we found ourselves having spirited conversations about life, history, and the clash of religions. One time after the 2008 crash, in which his business had suffered just like everyone else, he sat there on a stool with his thick black hair and impeccable charcoal slacks, smiled and said, “The most important thing for me is to stick around, because I just have to see what happens!”

Maybe that’s it. At some point we’re supposed to get over the frustrations of our own personal melodrama and just ride the ride.

A World Turned Upside Down

Earlier this week Turner Classic Movies aired a long lost Rainer Werner Fassbinder sci-fi movie from 1973 called “World on a Wire.” Both surreal and chilling, the stylized production contrasts dreary landscapes with the era’s bright mod interiors in a visual display reminiscent of “A Clockwork Orange.” Filmed in an almost melodramatic style which utilizes still shots that rotate from an actor’s face to his mirror reflection across the room, the plot involves a state-run German laboratory that has created a virtual reality world inhabited by 10,000 “people” who do not know that they don’t actually exist. At the start of this 3-hour epic, the project head has a mental breakdown and tells an associate that he knows a secret that could bring an end to the world. Moments later he dies mysteriously and for the rest of the film we follow his successor’s attempts to make sense of it all.

Without spoiling any of the film’s revelations let me simply express the profound sense of peace and rightness within myself I felt in response to not only the ending but the fair and truthful way it all played out. Fassbinder lets the story develop naturally by having his characters react to events as normal people would, and not once does he reach into Hollywood’s bag of tricks for a silly one-liner, cheap sentimentality, or an impossible escape.

It was this realization that shook me to my core: for how long have the machinators in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington been doing the exact opposite and painting a false portrait of life and in the process robbed us of any potential for a bona fide culture? Today’s major motion pictures are all either plotless spectacles of action and explosions or crude comedies where despicable characters are championed and straight men serve as the ultimate rube, out-of-touch bumblers while everyone else who have it all together—especially their perfectly balanced wives—patiently put up with their clueless behavior.

The once great tradition of television dramas has given way to the banality of reality TV, where everyday nothings are given a worldwide platform to influence others with their bad manners and disgusting eating habits. To think that the torch that had been passed down from the days of “The Twilight Zone” to “The Jeffersons” to “Law & Order” and beyond might be lost is truly a crime against the writer’s craft from which it may never recover. Perhaps cable shows like “The Wire” and “Breaking Bad” have filled the void but I can’t help but think that presenting the raw brutality of daily life without that uplifting separation the artistic touch creates, could in the end only accelerate our cultural decline as people not only lose their stigma toward hard drugs but embrace the trashy accoutrements of the lifestyles portrayed. It seems like a thousand years ago that Americans wore suits to baseball games.

Returning to my main point, in that moment of peaceful calm after finishing “World on a Wire” I realized just how tense life in America is right now and the fact that it stems from everything being flipped upside down. What do I mean? Manufactured evidence for wars cooked up by military brass, run up the flagpole by Democrats and Republicans alike, then endlessly parroted by sexy or wise-looking network teleprompter readers. Fabricated employment and economic data that months later are revised almost exclusively into the negative. Political correctness gone pathological in its zeal to right every wrong attributed to the patriarchy—could it be that the dramatic rise in autism amongst white children in recent years stems from the cognitive dissonance caused by not being allowed to speak truthfully of the reality they perceive? (“I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV.”)

Amidst this sickening backdrop of cultural and political rot, across the nation something big is happening to the Leftist vanguard that was once so optimistic after it helped usher in the changing of the guard that was the 2008 election. Coupled with time winding down on President Obama’s second term is their disappointment at his administration’s doubling down on Bush-era policies of warmongering and surveillance, plus the perceived lassitude in pursuing goals for social issues such as gay marriage, amnesty for illegal aliens, and in rectifying the comically botched Affordable Care Act rollout.

Disillusioned and in a race against the clock, the increasingly frantic and zealous Leftist Street Team has gone deaf to even reasonable opposition and appears on a collision course with destiny: can their ideas reach critical mass before Obama leaves office in January 2017? Will they be able to achieve their social engineering dreams? Can they destroy capitalism’s “exploitative” hierarchical workflow…or at least install enough minority and female CEOs to make things “fair”? How many million poor foreigners crossing our border illegally must we bankrupt ourselves accommodating to satiate their own sense of guilt?

Those of us who for the past several years have felt the vise grip tighten around our heads have not been wrong. We are not the crazy ones—it’s the world around us that is going mad in a bizarre play of feel-good fascism whose naiveté would be charming were such shortsightedness and historical ignorance not sure to get so many people killed. Perhaps deep down these Leftists know a major backlash against the ravages of Cultural Marxism is on the horizon and so they simply must wreck things beyond the point of resistance and restoration.

The next two-and-a-half years look to be the most dramatic and treacherous we have faced since Whatever Actually Happened on 9/11 ushered in the hysterical, paranoid, and ever-constricting existence we now call reality. What can we do? First, get ourselves healthy and look after the people we care about. Next, noncompliance and nonparticipation in as much of the bureaucratic make-work that wastes so much time and clogs our mental bandwidth. And if forced to engage a Leftist in debate, hold them by the hand as you gently subject their flawed ideas to a line of questioning in the Socratic method. Be sure not let them get away when they scream, “But, but, but!!!”

For the more serious, large-scale events like the war our Axis of Mind Control is trying to start against Russia or the next mass shooting false flag in pursuit of more gun control, the good news is that there are perhaps several million citizen journalists who have cut their teeth over the past few years using social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and WordPress to do the gritty investigations paid media once took pride in.

When I think about how in 1995 the whole country believed Timothy McVeigh used a truck bomb to blow up a building in Oklahoma City, to how it took a few years for 9/11 conspiracy theories to go mainstream, to the first stabs at debunking the “official story” in real time after the 2005 London bombings, to finally the immediate obliteration of the Sandy Hook lies in 2012—I take heart. Not only have millions of us lost all trust in what our government and media say, we wouldn’t put it past them to do us physical harm.

We’re on our own as the final act approaches. See you in the trenches!