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Alright YouTube, let’s do a little impromptu chat in the style of Hell by the Dashboard Light. You know, he’s been knocked down by the censors and the flaggers lately.

Thought I’d give a little shout-out to him and also Alt-MGTOW. Guy seems to be going through some tough times and I was thinking just on the drive here about how men have been pushed out of most aspects of society, and it’s almost like YouTube and other social media video platforms, it’s the last corner where male mentorship can happen. Kind of like men basically just put out their ideas, their wisdom, onto these capsules, these video time capsules, and it’s there for other men who are also feeling alienated and isolated to find those at some point.

And you never know what actually happens to the original content creators because they come and go. Like Mayor of MGTOWN, where is that guy? You know, he put out some good videos a couple years ago. Who else? Razorbladekandy, or Razorbladekandy2, he had some stuff for a while.

And it seems like if you’ve been following MGTOW and anything Alt-Right, or whatever you want to call it, the past few years, there’s been a rapid evolution, ideas getting hacked to pieces and guys moving forward.

I think that’s pretty common also in like the metal scenes in decades past, where it’s like a good-natured sense of one-upmanship, like an arms race, so ideas evolved very quickly, and as long as you don’t take it personally with your feelings, it works.

So, I think Helll by the Dashboard Light and Alt-MGTOW, even though they use language more harsh than I would tend to use for this particular channel, if you can get over those harsh words and understand that the ideas are just on the forefront of the battles that are on our society, forces we’re up against, whether it’s the elite, the money people behind the scenes, or the army of conformists, the millions of conformist that are maybe more dangerous, because they’re the ones who are clamping down on us on our everyday lives. Just making things miserable because of their feelings and taking offense.

And a lot of people are checking out, obviously MGTOW men are checking out from the dating/marriage thing, but the John Galt, Go Galt thing I think applies across the board in a lot of ways. People are… Men are just fed up with the lack of rewards and just taking grief.

So anyway, it seems like Alt-MGTOW is really going through some existential tough times, and he’s probably about fifteen to twenty years older than me, and he’s been married a lot, had a lot of money, lost houses, you name it, had children. I’m not going to say what he should or should not do, being in my late thirties myself. And I’ve run businesses, had bands, done a lot of good stuff, had a lot of loss, lot of pain. But not to the degree that this guy and guys of his generation have had.

If you compare him to Vention1MGTOW. Vention, whether or not you want to say it was smart or not, he checked out twenty years ago, in a sense, of not getting married, limiting his dating. So he hasn’t gone through the grief that a lot of guys like Alt-MGTOW, and I have two friends in particular, who are in their fifties, late forties, early fifties, mid-fifties who been in the divorce thing and gotten run through the wringer and I just know their experience firsthand because we’re good friends. I know their children and what they’ve gone through, through the divorces, and basically it’s tough.

So Alt himself seems like he may be close to checking out, not just from content creation, but his life in California or maybe life in general, and I just… I hope he doesn’t do it because he has a lot of wisdom to offer, and you never know what life has to offer you. He’s done a lot of mentorship with these videos to people and exposed a lot of the lies and corruption.

Part of me sometimes thinks that life is like the movie Total Recall, the first one, the good one, where you signed up for this, you actually signed up for this life, so live it, ride the ride, play it through.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to check out, unplug when you want to, but in the same way that I was mentioning in my comments on one of Alt’s videos about some suicides in the heavy-metal world, Jon from… Jon Nodveidt from Dissection, David from Woods of Ypres, the guy from the band Yearning, David Parland from Necrophobic.

It’s just when you tap into this dark stuff, sometimes… What’s that whole thing about looking to the abyss and it looks back at you? You’ve got to be careful if you get too alone to tap into that darkness, it’ll just take you when you tap into that dark stuff.

And heavy metal, it’s like it’s a gift, on the one side it’s a gift because you can tap into deeper things, riches more than your average person, your average conformist. But there’s a dark side, there’s a danger to it. You pay for it in some ways, and I guess you have to be careful in those moments where you’re, you’re in between projects, you’re in between revelations. Understand that, put it in its perspective and know that this is what it takes to push through to that next level. And you have to accept it, you have to go through the dark stuff.

I felt that that Woods of Ypres’s fifth album, “Grey Skies and Electric Light,” really resonated with me because when I was doing some music stuff, a number of years ago, almost at the same time as that album actually, the ’09 to ’11 era, I was close in those dark places—never as close to really think about suicide—but to think that David, that last album was a suicide note put to music, and then he couldn’t take it, he had to check out.

Understand that it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s what I was thinking actually a few minutes ago, so Jon Nodveidt of Dissection, first two albums were unreal Swedish black metal/death metal merge. I kind of call it, instead of the term “blackened death metal,” which some bands have been referred to, it was the inverse, it was like “deadly black,” if that makes any sense.

So anyway, he went to prison for murder in the late 90s, came out of prison early 2000s with a much more, I wouldn’t say refined version, it was more rock, “easy listening” for us extreme metal fans but there was some really good stuff there, some not so good songs on that last album “Reinkaos,” but he actually committed suicide within a year of that coming out, I believe. And couple my friends were really upset about him doing that. But he was deep into this nihilism, misanthropy, and basically felt that he was at the top of his creative game when that album came out, and he could never top it so it was time to go.

And that resonates with some ancient Roman or Greek ideas, I guess, of going out of your best, and you’ve seen some pretty terrible albums and whatnot by bands that peaked and then kept at it. So what about this, though? What if every gymnast or great hockey player, when their career is done, just commit suicide? Like, “Alright, I’m done. Bye! Did my thing.”

No, that’s when you need to transition into mentorship, teaching… passing along what you know. At least that’s my takeaway. Can’t really question or second-guess these great minds of Jon Nodveidt who created some of the most incredible extreme metal of all time. And really, it’s sad that he went away to jail because, in the late 90s, bands like In Flames were just entering their silly phase, and I think the scene got a little too happy and silly with their leadership, and maybe Jon would have kept things more serious had he been in the scene, and not locked up.

So to wrap things up, I guess I just want to say that, men have been marginalized and are isolated in this society, but we should be thankful that we have these platforms—even when obviously, you’re getting censored and knocked off of Twitter and YouTube left and right, but alternatives like Bitchute, Gab, Minds, Steemit/DTube, there are places to put your content and it can be found.

And maybe that can be a catharsis for you, as well as a place to deposit your knowledge and your wisdom and then move on to the next thing in your life. Because I see the writing on the wall. I think there’s… I don’t know if civil war is the word but there is such a divide in this society that it is not going to be resolved in an orderly fashion, if not peacefully, in the sense that you have functional people who are forced to pay for the indoctrination of their children. Or Leftists at these universities, and they come out, graduate and basically try to change society on your dime.

And also, a lot of them get into teaching, so they basically— People on the Left, these progressives, many of them who don’t have children of their own, basically feel like they have the right to access other people’s children’s minds. And right there it should be a huge pushback, people on the right or just center, they’re like, “No, you do not have the right to put your totalitarian ideas in my children’s mind.” So whether it’s homeschooling or something else, that’s probably the first, the first frontier of the pushback, the peaceful pushback.

So I’ll probably think about this more and riff on that maybe in some future, more scripted editorials and monologues, about the pushback. So I’ll stop it here, I’ve gone about 10 minutes, and want to see what you guys think in relation to other channels, content creators on the forefront, who are being silenced by social justice warriors—and enabled by the admins of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, because these admins themselves are working in lockstep to silence people who are just trying to express their opinions.

And the craziest thing of all is that, you think back to people’s mindsets back in 2008, 2002. If you just held on to the people’s beliefs from those years, while everybody else is going so far left, yeah, now you’re considered an extremist because you believe what everybody believed in 2002, 2007, 2008.

It’s just it’s a crazy mile marker on this road that we’re going, and you have to wonder, if things are changing that fast, every five to seven years of major, major changes. Of just mind control, brainwashing on the left, so that normalcy is completely thrown out the window, where’s it going to go another two to five years? Particularly if the left loses in the midterms this fall, or if Donald Trump gets reelected.

So anyway, I’m gonna end this video, and if you want to check out my novels, they’re available on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Amazon. And right now the e-book version of “Reparations USA” is available for free for download as an e-book on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes. I think Amazon still has it at $0.99. So if you want to support me as an author, I can keep doing what I do and speak the truth. At least my truth, as they say. Alright, thanks, guys…

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