What Would You Do to Prevent a Civil War?

This is Philip Wyeth. What would you do to prevent a civil war? Would you campaign to shut down the social media accounts of your political opponents? Or would you support their right to free speech so that all ideas are debated, as well as to prevent the censored from taking their message underground in bitterness?

Would you uproot and destroy the yard signs that support candidates you aren’t voting for? What about the bumper stickers on other people’s cars? Would you throw the first punch in a verbal disagreement about politics, or walk away at the risk of being called a coward?

To prevent a civil war, would you increase immigration to drown out the voices of citizens who hold old-fashioned opinions? Or would you constrict the borders so that everyone who is already here has time to blend in together?

How would you influence elections? Would you refuse to vote, or vote twice if that’s what it took to win? Would you move to another state just for the purpose of trying to swing the vote? If so, in the case that your side still lost, would you follow through on the promise to move to another country?
To prevent a civil war, would you try to remove all reminders of the first such war that America fought? Our would you seek to learn about your country’s history, both the good and the bad?

If you’re a first or second generation immigrant living in the United States, would you thank your new country for giving you an opportunity to live in peace and thrive? Or would you side with people who obsess only about the negative aspects?

I ask these questions because I see a horizon filled with resentment, alienation, and antagonism. The momentum seems destined for more division, and ultimately large-scale violence.

Every week someone who disagrees with the Leftist agenda gets banned or shouted down by the mob. A part of me wants to see those who have been provoked too far take revenge on those who support such censorship.

But I know that righteous conflicts tend not to fulfill the fantasy or go according to plan. And there’s always some opportunistic group waiting to turn your nation’s crisis into their own gain. A hundred years ago several of the world’s greatest empires came to an end—just one decade prior and very few people would have believed it possible.

Which is why for over a year now I’ve been frantically writing books and monologues trying to offer prescient insights, rather than spending my time out at the gun range perfecting my shooting skills.

And believe me, I saw guys dialing in their scopes at the long-distance benches over a decade ago. Any Antifa uprising would not end with the triumphant bang of a Soviet hammer, but with a thud that follows the whisper of a bullet traveling a quarter mile from a hidden sniper nest.

All of this is why I want to prevent a civil war. Even though the mile markers all point to the Left thinking and behaving more and more erratically, and reacting to every news item like Pavlov’s dog with rabies.

One part of me does fear, that if the Democrats don’t take back the House in November, that the failed Blue Wave will wash up on the streets as anarchy instead.

But perhaps all these white incumbent Democrats being defeated in primaries by political upstarts, whose main qualification is simply that they are minorities, maybe that surge of color into Congress is meant to lay the groundwork for a bigger push in 2020.

In which case that election may be the pivotal moment of our generation. Defeat Trump and usher in a zero-sum era of identity politics, with increasing tribalism and mistrust across the multi-cultural landscape. I doubt schools are still teaching the distinctly American combination of civics, principles, and idealism. Because we have to throw the old dead while men out with the bathwater—as long as we still have functioning plumbing, that is.

Now, if Trump wins reelection in 2020, I predict that a hysterical battle cry will echo across the Leftist landscape, from the most privileged and self-loathing white ally to the Somali-in-America who’s fresh off the boat and already tapped into that community’s million-dollar daycare scam.

At that point we may not be asking how to prevent a civil war, but wondering what it looks like, when people who already never did any meaningful work to begin with, now decide to “go Galt”.

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Video was originally uploaded on September 13, 2018.

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