Gynocentric Graduation

The Florida school shooting has again brought Leftists to the point of madness trying to ban a scary-looking rifle. (Never mind what one shotgun blast with buckshot can do…) I propose that progressives’ shortsighted and compartmentalized minds are incapable of distinguishing between manifest symptoms, and the meandering trickle of causes which eventually lead to the shocking events which they then seize upon to further their own fear-based worldview.

Let’s focus on schooling here because so much of a young person’s life revolves around that experience. First, consider how the traditional school marm’s curriculum of reading, writing, and arithmetic has been done away with. For nearly fifty years, administrators have insidiously worked to replace hard learning with a Left-leaning and feminized agenda. Debating the merits of ideas and learning to analyze them dispassionately has given way to a philosophy embodied by teamwork, docility, and thinking about feelings.

This is the ultimate subversion of the American mind. The Left has converted compulsory education from striving to reach high measurable standards—such as proficiency in English and mathematics—to a nebulous realm of socialization, cultural relativism, and even denying gender differences during students’ most hormonally charged years. The fiery, lusty human spirit is being separated from itself in clinical sex ed classes, fragmented through constant interruption and reshuffling during the day, and truncated by zero-tolerance policies against any pot that dares boil over under all this pressure.

And then observers wonder why so many of us go out into the world neurotic and unable to find peace, even when pursuing careers we allegedly desire. It is because our minds have been tainted by the policy makers and “change agents” who converted schools from preparatory academies into indoctrination centers.

Now the poison ideas that were administered through the soft voices of female teachers to classrooms full of impressionable young children are coming home to roost, and particularly among males. Why is that? Because we boys are born filled with a joy and enthusiasm for life which is slowly snuffed out and killed as it is redirected in service of a society which, while screaming about “the patriarchy” and “toxic masculinity,” has in fact become gynocentric. We are trained from a very young age to sacrifice our interests and desires to please women, but cannot succeed when the goalposts move and yesterday’s touchdown becomes today’s penalty.

Next, our conformist society refuses to explore humanity’s dark underbelly. It’s as if the stoicism of our nation’s puritanical roots has been mangled by feminism into an icy denial of gender differences—with the exception being that men’s failures are amplified while the “Dark Mother” female archetype is ignored.

In turn we all receive a one-sided education that leaves tremendous blind spots about human nature. When these truths are encountered unexpectedly, what should be normal life lessons can turn into shocking disappointment and disaster.

This willful ignorance also leaves the deep wellspring of male potential untapped, unformed, and susceptible to unleashing destruction when it is provoked out of the shadows. Instead it should be acknowledged, understood, refined, and guided so that the next generation of great men can take our society forward.

But our culture is not guided by ideas anymore, rather we merely serve female values and habits. The stigma against fighting, especially in school, is one part of the agenda that slices off healthy and necessary expressions of male nature. Our energy is demonized, banned, punished, then forcefully redirected toward goals that are antithetical to our wiring. Males today are incomplete drones suffering in a nightmarish stupor of apathy. If the cause remains unknown, it is only because so many millions of people have been brainwashed into believing the lie that “gender is a social construct.”

Not allowing boys to settle differences through fistfights only ends up creating blockage in the male psyche. Women, who can hold petty grudges for decades, don’t understand the inner workings of male disputes. When our interpersonal tensions reach a tipping point, we just need to clear it out in a brief tantrum of physical combat so that we can then get back to the gritty work of maintaining civilization, which so often requires trust, true cooperation, and men’s reliance upon each other. A scuffle can reset these levels quickly.

Could it be that so many men are lost and alienated today because female conflict resolution methods created frustrations which should have been temporary but instead got bottled up and fermented for decades? Could men’s lack of confidence stem from the fact that what they know to be the natural response was prohibited, but they never could digest the alternative remedy of “mediation”?

Fast forward to more recent times and the wave of school shootings. Dare we ask if the emasculated environment, coupled with the signs proclaiming them to be a “gun-free zone,” is why schools are not only seen as soft targets but perhaps also a fitting place for revenge by males who have had so much of their primal nature perverted by the educational system and its politicized agenda?

It’s one thing to say that you want to teach children right from wrong, and protect their innocence for as long as possible. But to shield them to the point of blindness about the ways of the world and the dangerous monster that lurks within us all—this is what sets so many adolescents up for shock and despair. How many end up on a permanently debilitating path because they have no mature guidance at this crucial time of life and make terrible decisions?

If their minds are not prepared for the complexities of life, this is society’s great failure. How much teenage crime, pregnancy, and apathy can be blamed on a culture which tries to pretend away the primal and timeless aspects of human nature?

Historically, redirecting youthful vitality toward focused and productive aims was what produced great cities and armies. But as we go deeper into this era where there is so little physical or other meaningful work to be done, it seems as if we’ve reached a fateful impasse. The culture of political correctness combined with increasing technological displacement is taking our society to an existential precipice with no sane place to turn.

Our words are being stripped of meaning under the guise of “inclusiveness.” A gynocentric value system continues to metastasize across all aspects of life, moving beyond schools and the workplace into movies and even sports. Automation encroaches more and more upon the blue collar industries, those last bastions where men could do real work unfettered by office culture’s spirit-choking policies and totalitarian HR departments.

As society continues to back makes into a dark psychological corner of mistrust and stunted potential, what will be the catalyst for us to demand a constructive realignment toward balance? Or will we keep withdrawing into ourselves as our souls implode, and merely looking on with more understanding than emotion when one of our brothers blows off steam in a bloodbath?

Author’s note: This piece was originally written in December of 2017 while I brainstormed topics for my fiction. In light of recent events, it seemed important to publish it now as an editorial in order to join the pushback against the rabid Leftists who are blind to how their own fragmented and disingenuous worldview often precipitates these headline-grabbing massacres.

My forthcoming novel, the sequel to “Reparations USA,” will also touch on some of the ideas presented here.

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