Putting America Last

Two major current events in the news have me asking myself, do our leaders have any remaining interest in or loyalty to America at all? How else to account for the slavish desire to accommodate a seemingly unlimited number of foreigners from Central America who are attempting to move into the United States without following the formal immigration procedures that people from Asia, Africa, and Europe must abide? How else to describe the worship by politicians and the media of “our friend and ally” Israel ad nauseam year in and year out, and especially now in light of its latest war against Hamas?

Our own people here at home are hurting right now. With no manufacturing base our economy and national purpose are like a rudderless ship yet instead of making a plan to get America spiritually and physically back on its feet, the politicians are fawning over a large potential new voter block to take under their wing. Last century our leaders inspired us with an optimistic vision of America to build dams and skyscrapers and bridges—today cynical politicians and their retinue of lobbyist barnacles see us only as serfs who need to be ruled and as sources of tax revenue for their pet projects and lavish lifestyles.

The average American is so hooked into the mainstream narrative of history that it’s hard to even bring up these concepts without quickly being branded all sorts of hateful names in classic Pavlovian fashion. People’s blindness and naïveté can be downright exasperating—it might take 30 minutes of just getting them up to speed on your premises before a relevant conversation about the issues at hand is even possible. “And who’s got the time, oy vey!”


The everyday dupe looks at the “crisis on the border” as a chance for us to show our compassion as the most generous nation in the world. He is oblivious to the implications of what anecdotes like one-third of births in an Ohio county being born to illegal immigrants means for the future of our country. At what point does generosity give way to the psychotic exit of a people through its own cultural suicide?

And I say this as someone who lived in Los Angeles for a long time. Not only do I have sympathy for the experience of the “anchor babies” who I knew personally, I’ve conducted business with a man who snuck across the border back in the early 90s. Illegal immigration is a longstanding fact of life in Southern California, and anyone who sees the new strip malls popping up in the once dangerous black ghettos that Latinos have taken over can’t help but acknowledge the improvement in these areas.

But no nation should be required to take in any number of foreign citizens for any number of heartrending reasons. It doesn’t happen in Canada and it doesn’t happen in Mexico, so why is it allowed to happen here? Is it simply demographics—white people aborting and “waiting” themselves out of existence? Black people aborting and gangbanging themselves into a bloody epitaph? The need not just for labor but new consumers to replace the dying out whites and blacks?

Sadly, I recently had to go to a southeast Portland Wal-Mart in search of a case for my new tablet. Inside that messy hellhole were blubbery clusters of America’s newest imports from far and wide, all huddled around their carts stuffed with processed food and junk from China. Apparently this is the banal role the corporations and plutocrats have devised for man in a future where every physical need has been accommodated via outsourcing. A sort of Idiocracy meets Wall-E set in a Star Wars bazaar where intelligence, skepticism, and the fire of a William Wallace are seen as threats against maintaining the drug-induced stupor of THX-1138 where meaningless trinkets are bought then immediately discarded outside the store. Simply put, the elite believe liberty is obsolete and will do everything they can to dilute that spirit from within.


And let’s not forget the nitro-infused Kool-Aid about Israel everybody falls over themselves to chug—preferably with cameras and campaign donors nearby. People have literally no clue about the Eastern European genetic roots of modern Jews, how the Zionist movement of the late 19th century even considered Argentina as a potential homeland, how the Bolshevik Revolution that destroyed Russia had many Jewish leaders, the machinations of the Balfour Declaration at the end of WWI, the Zionist bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967 during the Six-Day War, or that it was several Israelis who were arrested on 9/11 near New York City. No, the credulous masses think that sweet little Israel is the first country in the history of the world that doesn’t have the potential for ambition, treachery, aggression, or being in the wrong.

To any reactionary types who think that by not supporting Israel’s war I must therefore not believe the country has a right to exist, I will refer you to my dissection of the binary logic employed by the simpleminded when faced with life’s complicated issues. By hook or by crook forces conspired to make the State of Israel a reality—only a small percentage of us have the courage to see that “so they can finally have a homeland of their own” is a cover story or only part of the picture.

Having constant conflict in the region ensures that Western powers, namely the United States, always have an excuse to keep their foot in the door. Be it for resources or strategic positioning against rising empires like China and Russia, we’re not just interested in protecting Israel because “we’re a Christian nation with the same beautiful heritage rooted the Old Testament.”

How many instances of civil war and sectarian strife around the globe have CNN and Fox News not covered in the past 14 years since Bill Clinton’s famous Camp David summit with Yasser Arafat and Ehud Barak? Has anything really changed since that staged media circus of paper mache hopes and backroom secrets we’ll never be privy to know? It’s a cynical stalemate-by-design with the poor Palestinians and Israelis used as pawns and cannon fodder for the puppet masters every few years. No wonder these Arabs seem rabid and these Jews seem insane—in a cruel twist of fate they are both trapped together in the politician’s net with no hope for escape.


To tie both the US border and Middle East issues together, has anyone else noticed all the semantic games that are played when referring to the parties involved? The media’s selective and suggestive application of descriptive terms is part of the agenda in shaping public opinion. In the Middle East, despite the fact that the land has been inhabited for thousands of years—longer than any other region on the planet except maybe Africa—Israelis establishing new homesteads on former Palestinian property are referred to as “settlers”. What exactly are they settling that hasn’t been built over a hundred times?

Meanwhile the people journeying up from Central America are referred to very gently in context-neutral terms like migrants and dreamers. I say hell, why stop there? If calling someone an illegal alien is considered offensive and judgmental, let’s cast that treacherous journey across jungle and desert in a more heroic light. Not mere refugees, these brave people are adventurers…and pilgrims…or better yet, young explorers!!!

The merit badges and green cards are in the mail…

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  1. Geff Zamor

    Your editor probably shit himself when he read this draft. You broke down the door and just started spraying. Thank you for the read; I’m off to find a valium to smooth out the day.

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