Showdown for the Future: Strzok’s Government Guards Versus the Blockchain Gang

The following article first appeared on Steemit on January 23, 2018.

Government lackeys deleting FBI agent Peter Strzok’s texts may delay justice, but it will only serve to accelerate the blockchain revolution. Because while the operatives who pulled off this latest data disappearance caper may be giggling like Geishas today, a generation of idealists battle hardened after countless similar disillusioning obfuscations finally have the tools to do more than just “go Galt.”

It’s blockchain, it’s cryptos, it’s a philosophy of honesty and trust built to thrive within the very disinfecting sunlight that the cockroaches who run our world fear so much. And as they are backed into the last dark corner they will make one final stand to save a system that exists only to draw our blood and give mediocre people who lack humility a taste of power.

For too long people in government have been terrible stewards of our ship of state. Whether through incompetence or outright corruption, their steady pattern of negligence is unforgivable and—to use one of their own catch phrases—unacceptable. It defies logic that the government can pull up footage of you jaywalking five years ago but can’t fulfill the essential charters which allegedly justify its large, fancy office parks—as evidenced by the now NSA claiming to have lost surveillance data collected during the George W. Bush administration.

Further, what’s even more sickening is their self-aggrandizing culture of smirking “public servants” constantly patting themselves on the back, which only leads to overconfidence in the honest and brazenness by the crooked. The Coen Brothers’ horrifyingly hilarious lampoon of DC-area culture in the movie “Burn After Reading” comes to mind.

It’s a never-ending series of inept displays where the government gets off scot-free, no one is punished, and nothing changes. Yet somehow we serfs remain on the hook for every parking ticket, cell phone data overage, or typo on our tax forms.

Because in our world, not only is it “a big club and you ain’t in it,” apparently we were too stupid to join one of these wings of the Enforcement Class which, while not enjoying a life as luxurious as the extremely wealthy and powerful they serve, do get to live in relative comfort and are afforded institutional protections to hide behind after every blunder.

In a society forced to feed this bloated bureaucratic racket, is it any wonder that intelligent and capable people of an independent nature are checking out? Some move an existing business out of a high-tax state, while others like Karl Denninger simply refuse to start another venture until the system cleans itself up and stops disincentivizing risk taking.

And despite the stock market’s recent wild run, there has been a shift away from traditional investing after one too many market crashes fostered generational mistrust in the system. Right now that withdrawn brainpower and investment capital are pouring into cryptocurrencies, not just as a store of value but as an exodus into a new post-paradigm era of earnest, decentralized trust.

This will be a devastating blow for government hierarchies that employ lazy button pushers living under the delusion that because they receive a government paycheck they are patriots. Also threatened is the army of dependents the government needs to keep helpless in order to justify its own existence. Expect to see a PR campaign of sob stories about them which attempts to defend the status quo.

Proponents of the old paradigm should be deathly afraid of the rising young generation whose personality is a curious blend of Doctom Boom enthusiasm, mellow hipster non-judgmentalism, and tech-savvy competence that integrates numerous fields of knowledge. They are fueled by a no-nonsense impatience for the symbiotic racket of pandering for votes and handouts that they have seen demoralize the national climate through the axis of government, finance, and military since 9/11.

Perhaps they saw their parents lose a house during the 2008 Financial Crisis. Or maybe their older brother had to close a small business. All under the shadow of entities deemed “too big to fail” receiving billions to keep their own ossified doors open. But the young have been watching. And today, empowered by brains making connections as fast as the devices in their hands, they’re marching fearlessly to take back the world.

God bless them for it. May they have the audacity to forge a better future for us all under their banner of selfie-taking, equity-seeking, idealistic expertise. Those of us who are a little older, who got scorched by the fires of disappointment and abused trust, we are rooting for you. We were once as hopeful and now hold you in admiration for taking things to the next level.

Because maybe we got caught looking backwards trying to honor a system of ideas, both taught to us in school and preached by the mainstream media, that was in fact secretly being undermined by our trusted leaders the whole time. If you don’t begrudge us that we came up short, we won’t look at you with envy. Will you perhaps throw us a bone on the way to your triumph?

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