Conniving Change Agents of the Caramel Utopia

This is Philip Wyeth. The Left believes that it’s on a righteous crusade. A frantic mission driven by the historical narrative in their heads, and which silently guides them to heroically eradicate racism and oppression by intermixing and diluting all the races.

Under the cover of buzzwords like tolerance, inclusiveness, privilege… this army of change agents first goes about its stealth agenda by importing people from all over the world. Different cultures, different colors, different religions, different habits and beliefs.

But naturally, all the various groups are going to want to stick to their own kind, so step two of the plan employs the power of the educational system and the media. By day you immerse the children of immigrants into Democrat indoctrination centers, where teacher-zealots work in lockstep to erode family values and influence. Then after school, pop culture and Hollywood subversion fill in the gaps.

It’s all part of an unspoken brainwashing program to achieve the dream of some worldwide Utopian future which might best be described by paraphrasing the old blues song, “One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer.” Something like, one skin tone, no god, and one leader.

The crucial point I have to stress when discussing issues like this—because people on the Left are so disingenuous or obtuse that they always take things out of context—is the distinction between natural processes and those driven by agendas. If people of different races and backgrounds get together organically, that is perfectly fine and how it should be—that’s the flow of life.

But for progressives to implant their ideas by stealth, and when you catch them, they raise their hands innocently, “Who, me?” That’s what I can’t stand. If your beliefs are so great, then you should be able to advertise them and stand by them proudly.

But instead, people who notice the disproportionate number of commercials and ads that show mixed-race couples where the man is black and the woman is white—we take the criticism and have dumb questions spit-balled at us, like, “What, you don’t think there should be interracial marriage?”

That is not the point at all! The issue is that there’s this army of sleeper agents who have been indoctrinated to seize every opportunity to pepper the world with Leftism. You know, each day, innocently add a sprinkle here and there as you go about your routine.

And worst of all, unlike people who get in your face to preach their religion, Leftists will deny that they’re doing anything explicit, and simply claim to be on the side of what’s right, progress, change.

I just want them to admit that yes, they do have an agenda, and every day they subconsciously work to serve it. It’s the secrecy and plausible deniability that has to go. You get caught manipulating society and then play dumb—but if your cause is so sacred, it’s saving the world from violence and ignorance and discrimination through… let’s call it “a melting pot destiny”… then stand up and proclaim it!

Be proud. Don’t cower from the truth of what you’re doing. Because otherwise you’re not part of the righteous underground—you’re collaborators too afraid to stand in the spotlight, let alone take a bullet for the cause which allegedly will end bigotry once and for all.

But of course, you have to do it this way. No one in their right mind would relinquish their religion, their heritage, their culture, their language in the name of a philosophy whose ideas killed over a hundred million people last century.

Being exposed like this is why the Left seems to be racing against the clock. And ruthless in their tactics. Got to shut down the YouTube channel or Twitter account of anyone who can articulate why they disagree with their Caramel Utopia.

So-called progressives never thought that social media platforms, which they dreamed, like some NPR platitude, were “working to build bridges across cultures,” would in fact be used to repair or reassert the importance of walls. Because maybe there’s wisdom in “good fences make good neighbors”—and more sensible than letting Leftist tanks and a million unvetted refugees roll across those bridges into our backyard without any plan for accommodation or assimilation.

The Left is cracking up because everything had been going so well for so long. Got their black president Obama in there, had true believers like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel carrying the party’s water. But along the way, the Democrats kept losing governorships and Congressional seats. Then phenomena like Gamergate happened and the social tide began to turn. They got blindsided on election night 2016 and it still haven’t recovered.

So these people who live for checkbox milestones, like first female this or that, they see the upcoming midterm election as their D-Day. Of course we’re the literal Nazis in that passion play, so “by any means necessary” is the motto that will justify anything they might do to subvert conservatives.

Because their old haughty confidence, the matter-of-fact sense of inevitability, has been replaced by a vicious snarl—dangerous not because it’s trained and refined, but because it’s desperate.

They’ve lost sight of the goal. They lash out at allies who merely acknowledge the existence of the Democrat plantation, let alone dare to leave it. Even non-political people who make the mistake of wearing the wrong dress end up facing the wrath of their digital firing squad.

And here’s the lesson to be learned: When the veneer falls away in times of stress, conformists do not cooperate. It’s every non-gendered pronoun for zhitself, scrambling like rats for something solid as they drown in a sea of conflicting beliefs.

I’ll be here to keep tabs on the hypocritical Left’s dance of death as the election approaches. If you want to support me, buy my books Reparations USA and Reparations Mind on iTunes or Amazon. Also please subscribe to this channel. Thanks for listening.

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Do Guatemalans Dream of the Gettysburg Address?

This is Philip Wyeth. Another Philip, one much more famous than me, once asked, “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” I’m going to paraphrase Philip K. Dick’s question to talk about the challenges we face after having taken in so many “new Americans” over the past twenty years.

Do Armenian immigrants learn about the old Jim Crow laws? Will Guatemalans from the migrant caravan study the Gettysburg Address? Can you convince an Indian working in Silicon Valley to take interest in the American Indian Wars?

This all may sound like hyperbole, or me trying to be cute, but what I’m driving at is the stark difference between America’s past and its future. A few days ago I dropped in at the local cigar shop to relax and get some writing done. Some regulars dropped in and started talking politics—at times things got heated, but these guys all know each other and honestly this is the kind of healthy debate I think people are starved for now that we only talk to each other through apps on our devices.

Most of the group was anti-Trump—not shocking since we’re in Los Angeles—but a couple of the guys were conservative and did their best to fend off the sometimes haughty questions the liberals were asking.

But the most interesting dynamic for me, and which leads back to the beginning of this talk, was a Jewish man in his seventies and a black man who was in his fifties or sixties. They both see the world through the prism of 1960s civil rights activism, and America’s legacy of slavery and racial discrimination.

There’s nothing wrong with that viewpoint in and of itself, but what they seem to miss is that so much has changed in just this century, that the old narratives don’t hold up anymore. Consider how these three concepts embody the change:

-The massive immigration with seemingly no rhyme or reason, and no consideration for the implications of assimilation or lack thereof, as well as demographic change. As Ann Coulter once pointed out to an audience of Latino students, who were not happy to hear her say it—America up until recently was once not multi-cultural, but biracial.

-Point two, a nationwide loss of wealth due to deindustrialization and several market collapses—with the surreal caveat being that instead of bread lines we all get to drink craft beer and eat organic food.

-And third, decentralization of narratives due to the internet. On the negative side is the disintegration of a national storyline and identity, but up for grabs is a more truthful tale, and perhaps some idealistic results—like internet flashmobs being able to prevent wars based on false pretenses.

So these old timers at the cigar shop, they don’t know about memes. They advocate for all kinds of immigration because they think it will help defeat lingering white racism—but at what point does this dilute the fabric of the country? They want one thing—racial justice—but the tools they’re using—massive immigration—could give us all an existential crisis.

Having lived in Los Angeles for many years and met people from all over the world—some I even do business with, so don’t try and pigeonhole me, please—but I can tell you that their primary motivation for coming here is to get away from repressive regimes or extreme poverty. Yes, they come here for a better life, as the talking point goes, but Americans on both sides of the aisle are deluding themselves if they think that many immigrants will study up on the Federalist Papers or the Dred Scott decision.

Maybe these things shouldn’t be on their radar, who knows? The great experiment of high-speed internet and touchscreens is what’s going on right now. Putting smartphones into the hands of people in the Third World can be like a world warp for their communities, and do far more than any “feed the children” infomercial on TV. Maybe it’s better if we’re all mentally free to take part in this technology free-for-all, without all the baggage or being tethered to the latest handful of new Abe Lincoln biographies.

But if we’re forced to abdicate not only our history but our culture, what is the point of our lives? To provide housing and plumbing to people from other countries? To publicly flagellate ourselves by virtue signaling on social media because our ancestors were bad?

Where do our supposed obligations end, and do the new Americans have any of their own? When does the brazenness of caravan migrants, whose supporters always find a way to rationalize people cutting in front of other would-be legal immigrants—when does this sense of entitlement give way to gratitude?

Or is the true sentiment, unspoken and hidden deep inside the hearts of everyone who’d rather kick in the door rather than knock, is it that the sins of the past are so great that America’s residents get no say? That the ledger of our historical guilt can only be evened out through pandering, confiscation, and eviction?

The most troubling aspect of all is that the Left is willing to drown out their opponents under a torrent of shame just because you disagree with them. They’ll get your account suspended, dox you, whatever it takes to shut you up. Why? Because deep in their hearts they fear being such an object of ridicule, standing alone in the public square taking abuse for a truly held belief.

Watch the 1970 Italian film The Conformist for a taste of the inner hell that progressive types who stand for nothing live and then unleash onto others.

Fortunately, today’s forecast only calls for Tweet-storms after one of them gets triggered, as just happened when a beautiful girl joyfully wore a Chinese dress to her high school prom—which of course was cultural appropriation.

How can all of this end peacefully, when on the one hand conservatives are forced to bake cakes that go against their beliefs, but also have no recourse when a private social media company deletes their account? The Left’s unholy alliance of aggression and hypocrisy is in fact creating the monsters they protest against, by breeding resentment in the hearts of good people who, while maybe not be as savvy as they are, only want to live quietly without being lectured to and sued for thoughtcrimes.

All I can do as a person with some life experience and the ability to distill ideas is to share my insights before things really get out of hand. Because conservatives have a lot of two things—patience and guns—and I have too many friends on both sides of the aisle to ever want to see our country descend into civil war.

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Liberal Hypocrisy in the Cold-Pressed Civil War

This is Philip Wyeth. The Left is caught up in an arms race of virtue signaling, which leads to contradictions, and in the end, they always eat their own. The latest example comes to us from Manhattan, New York, where parents at a school meeting were furious that 25% of spaces would be allotted to children whose test scores fell below normal admittance standards, but who are also disadvantaged minorities.

I’ll include the link to the video where some of these parents express their anger. At one point a principal named Henry Zymeck says, “There are kids that are tremendously disadvantaged. And to compare these students and say, ‘My already advantaged kid needs more advantage, they need to be kept away from those kids,’ is tremendously offensive to me.”

This is good stuff. The elite of the elite liberals, who lecture the rest of the country about how great their inclusive belief system is, now circling the wagons when their own enclave is forced to accept diversity quotas. I’m willing to bet that none of these people voted for Donald Trump, and there’s probably pictures of a few of them holding signs denouncing hate at one of the women’s marches.

Look, I’m not even against them here. They worked hard and paid top dollar to get their kids into a school where academic achievement levels are very high. But I will savor the fact that they’re getting a taste of their own medicine. Their beliefs about privilege and unfairness, which they’ve forced on everyone else under penalty of social shame—what a pity that their own safe space is now threatened because some of their own progressive fellow travelers took things to eleven without consulting them.

People on the Left get themselves and society in trouble because they won’t ever let things play out organically. They’ll use the excuse that the legacy of oppression is so massive that “we have to do something,” but maybe the destabilization and resentment their ideas create are actually a worse result.

Nowadays anyone who leans conservative gets painted as a grump, or the bad guy. But maybe we just have a more pragmatic outlook about human nature and how things operate in the real world.

So many Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome still have not made peace with their 2016 election loss, or come to understand why it happened. What they’re going to find out is that people on the Right, who have kept quiet during years and years of being mocked and demonized—we are done. Whether it’s in polite company or in the public square, liberals’ days of mouthing off with impunity are over.

And if you’re on the Left, you should be scared. Not of violence, but because all those years you spent patting yourself on the back for having the right opinions, which you looked at like, “We hold these truths to be self-evident”—your minds have atrophied!

Meanwhile we, while fending off your attacks, have had to develop strong arguments to justify our existence. I think we wouldn’t even feel the need to flash our teeth if you Leftists had been gracious in defeat. But instead you keep doubling down on the self-righteousness, and now you own so many sacred cows that you’re devouring each other on a weekly basis.

It’s Kanye West facing a backlash for asserting the right to his own opinion. It’s Joy Reid’s non-apology for something she wrote a long time ago, when it could be argued that the culture was much different. And it’s the two white lesbians who adopted a handful of black kids as props, only to drive them off a cliff.

It’s you on the Left who are the problem. You’re holier-than-thou hypocrites with an incomplete worldview. And you lack the humility to step down from the podium where you utter feel-good platitudes toward your friends, then put people you disagree with on the defense through dishonest rhetoric.

But get ready for the next big disappointment. You’re putting all your eggs in the basket that is the midterm elections this fall—but what if the Democrat resurgence doesn’t happen? What if your transient or imported voters don’t turn out enough to help you take back the House?
What if a dozen more of your high-profile allies fall into disgrace while you’re out there chasing your own tail, barking about Russia and Stormy Daniels?

Right now it feels like each half of the country thinks the other political party is days away from scandal, exposure, and arrests that will sink their cabal. So the question is, who’s delusional and who’s not?

Is it the bleeding hearts, who move to red states like locusts after the policies enacted based on their beliefs bankrupted and filled their hometowns with crime?

Or is it the conservatives, who were so disillusioned by the two-party politics during the Bush and Obama years, that they said screw it, let’s give this crude loudmouth Trump a chance? Because he may not act “presidential,” but at least you know where he stands.

This country is coming up on some major shifts. Today we’re living in what I call the Cold-pressed Civil War—where one person at a coffee shop sipping on a fair-trade latte lobs Twitter bombs at another customer, who’s drinking organic Yerba Matte and firing her own social media missiles right back.

But the peace isn’t going to hold forever. There’s too many conflicting narratives, talking points, and accusations flying around. Over the next two elections, if the Democrats don’t get what they want, they’re going to rage under the guise of replaying some 1960s activist fantasy. And if they win, they’ll only turn the screws tighter on identity politics and demonizing white people.

This is why they’re desperate to ban guns. Everything they want to do relies on force. It is not hyperbole to say that Leftism always leads to mass murder—whether the poster boy is a mustached Bolshevik holding a rifle, or a scrawny Portlander in black-rimmed glasses and striped v-neck t-shirt drinking soy milk.

Today’s totalitarian may not have the balls to kill you himself, but he’ll find an app for that in his brand new iPhone, I’m sure.

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Irrevocable Deeds: Your Antidote to an Unreliable World

What efforts are worth making within a system where it’s nearly impossible to get ahead? Who is worth your time in a society full of unreliable people? Bottom line: what should we be doing right now?

Let’s say you have money. The inflation we’ve seen over the past ten to fifteen years means we can’t out-earn our diminishing purchasing power.

There are mismanaged pension plans and entitlement programs with trillion-dollar commitments, but no funds to sustain them—so the burden of bailing them out will fall on anyone still able to eke out a living in these unstable times.

As for stocks, there’s no telling when the next collapse will undercut investors once again. If even the government- and industry-approved places to siphon off and store your acorns aren’t safe—how are you supposed to invest your time?

Here’s my take. In March of last year, a business alliance I had spent months preparing fell through after my new partner had a midlife crisis and disappeared for over a month. After he came back, I made every effort to accommodate his revised proposal for how the business should operate—only to get jerked around over things like minor phrases in the paperwork, until I realized that he would never sign.

So there I was, having gone from thinking I’d found a mentor whose alliance would vault me toward not just financial stability, but real wealth—only to learn that I had wasted my time with someone who was tempting self-destruction.

I was exhausted, and with my thirty-eighth birthday approaching, also embarrassed and nearly swooning about what to do. You know, you want to make your family proud, you want to achieve great things, and god damn, you want to be free from chasing down rent money.

So after all this, in June, I started working on a new writing concept. At first it was going to be an editorial to post on my blog, but on a whim I started merging it with a dystopian fiction idea I’d written on a hotel notepad sometime in the past—this was the spark, and the next thing I knew, I was off on a frantic six-week creative binge that resulted in my first novel, Reparations USA.

After that, I had to refocus on my existing small business during the busy fall season. But the whole time, I kept chipping away at the sequel. All through the holidays and on football Sundays with friends, I got up early and wrote a thousand words with my morning coffee.

And three weeks ago, I published book two, Reparations Mind. This whole experience has changed the direction of my life—I’ve felt an overall hardening of my being—and the most important lesson, which takes us back to the questions at the beginning of this video, is a concept that I call irrevocable deeds.

Inflation devalues the dollar? Fine. Market crash decimates your stock portfolio? It happens. Girlfriend of two years gets bored and cheats? That’s life. BUT! Is there anything we can do that stands up better against outside forces?

Well, I just wrote two novels. No one can ever take that away from me, no matter how many copies they do or don’t sell. And when you complete important personal projects, they tend to act as a world warp for your mind and your life. Doors will open when you achieve this balance of commitment and courage.

So I say to people looking at a landscape of political turmoil and bleak prospects, or who are feeling fear and doubt—ask yourself, “What can I do as a unique expression of myself that puts a stake in the ground? A personally stamped act that will be a source of pride, regardless of the market’s trends or flaky people?”

There’s an interesting catch though. Many of my own creative projects, which at the time I believed to be the next great thing, were often met with such silence that you could hear a pin drop. A good friend and fellow creative type once told me that the most important thing is to keep growing your body of work. Having expectations is what leads to feeling hollow and disappointed when the accolades don’t follow.

Patience, life balance, and allowing yourself time to have fun are also critical so that you don’t burn out. This down time is when new ideas tend to incubate as well.
A final thought: any survey of the news, social media, or even your credit card balance can make you feel like we’re all stuck in a futile game. It’s just really difficult to be heard or find meaningful work right now.

But catching a bad break last year forced me onto a different path that, in hindsight, I’m glad to be on. I’m writing books and am on fire creatively—and this never would have happened if my business deal went through as planned.

So no matter what rut you might be in, ask yourself, “What potential inside me is lying dormant right now? What unique and fulfilling process can I begin that will serve as my anchor of personal power in the storm of confusion?”

The irrevocable deed. To change your life, define it, and make your own earnest mark in the world.

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Introduction to Modestianity: A New Religion for Uncertain Times

Greetings. My name is Lyle Setzer. I am an elder within the Church of Modestianity, and today I will be your guide as we explore one of the fastest growing religions in the United States.

You may be asking yourself, what is Modestianity? How did it start? What does it stand for? Let me answer those questions for you, and so much more.

Our religion sprang forth from the mind of our leader, the Prescient One, late in the year 2025. Afflicted by a stark vision of how the growing surveillance state would slowly but surely encroach upon every aspect of human life, the Prescient One created Modestianity as a safe zone, a shield—and also as a symbol of resistance pushing back against the inexorable tide.

At first, our leader was simply an unknown man trying to be heard within the din of a million other voices. But his message resonated immediately with the alienated people he spoke to on the streets. And so his code of dignified comportment in the face of the looming techno-punitive future began to spread nationwide.

People who found themselves slaves to their gadgets and exhausted by the endless treadmill of news and social media, were ready for a refreshing new way forward. The Prescient One’s initial ideas gave them that ray of hope, but such a powerful new philosophy could not be fully developed alone.

Thus in 2026, the Church of Modestianity officially put down roots when it moved into the abandoned Mall of America. Our members diligently and lovingly refurbished this massive complex, which had sadly fallen victim to neglect and vandalism, and christened it the Mall of Absolution.

And it is here, over the past two-and-a-half years, that our religion has blossomed just as surely as our members have flourished. How can we account for such sudden growth and popularity? The answer is simple.

Unlike many religious sects which spring up, our community does not revolve around one figure. While the Prescient One is our spiritual guide, it has always been his belief that the reactionary ideas which constitute Modestianity’s roots, are not enough to sustain us as we face a changing future.

From day one, Modestianity has encouraged all of its members, no matter their rank, to offer up questions and challenges so that we might forge a comprehensive body of knowledge, one that is stout but can also adapt to uncertain times.

Through rigorous and spirited philosophical discussions, what we call mapmaking sessions, Modestians participate directly in the work of sculpting our religion into the force that offers both comfort and fulfillment.

But of course, Modestianity involves so much more than mere words. Farming on the rooftop gardens reinvigorates hands that, so used to swiping across plastic screens, now reconnect with nature. Our performing arts lift the soul, as bodies once slumped in chairs now soar, liberated from both drudgery and shame.

As you can see, what started out as shelter from the storm, has helped many thousands of Americans and international pilgrims unleash their great human potential. Creativity, strength, and pride all stand firmly on our core principles of humility, modesty, and forthrightness.

A contradiction, perhaps? No! Just one of the many mysteries about our world, where choosing to take life seriously often leads to the most joyful experiences and moments of abandon.

Thank you for watching this introductory presentation on the Church of Modestianity. We hope you’ll come visit us at the Mall of Absolution here in Minnesota, so that you may experience all that our religion has to offer.

This is Elder Setzer wishing you a modest day, and on behalf of the Prescient One, I say Mod bless you.

To learn more about your future world, download a free copy of Reparations USA, book one of Philip Wyeth’s dystopian series set in 2028. See links below:


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The Democrats Dream of Reparations… But I Already Wrote the Book!

This is Philip Wyeth. There’s a story circulating around about some rah-rah Democrat group fantasizing about all the big wins they’re lining up over the next few elections. Leading off this hypothetical “progressive governance juggernaut” is Stacey Abrams, who will become the nation’s first black female governor if she wins in Georgia this November.

The Victory Party flyer where this news story came from also says, “It’s 2022 and we are celebrating policy victories across the nation: Medicare for All and Free College, and next on the agenda is Reparations.”

Oh, really?! I just so happen to have written two novels envisioning a similar future. The premise is that in 2024, Eileen Jeffries-Lao, the Chinese-American former governor of California, became the nation’s first female president. Her main campaign platform was to create the Historical Reparations Administration, where a supercomputer called MARVIN—short for Macro Aggregating Restitution Vector Input Navigator—scans antique documents to calculate each citizen’s Debit Score.

The first book in my series, Reparations USA, begins early in 2028. We follow Debtors secretly trying to burn old papers—dubbed “inconvenient archives”—but law enforcement is hot on their tails. A reality TV show brings Beneficiaries and Debtors together for healing Kumbaya moments, in instances when their ancestors have had too much negative contact over the generations. And there’s even a poor black teenager who writes a song about how the Reparations program isn’t working too well—and thanks to the power of the internet and social media, it becomes the hit of the summer!

And that’s all just in book one—which right now is free as an e-book download from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. You can buy a paperback copy from Amazon as well.

The sequel, Reparations Mind, came out just a few weeks ago. Here we have high drama leading up to the election, after a hack into the MARVIN mainframe put the president’s surefire reelection in doubt. The whole cast of characters returns, plus there are outrageous new flavors, such as exploring the philosophies of a reactionary new religion called Modestianity, the grand opening of a Reparations-themed casino in Las Vegas—and even a restaurant on the Sunset Strip which was custom built from the ground up, with facilities to accommodate nearly forty different genders.

So, while today’s Democrats dream of a tiresome future defined by checkbox milestones—first female this, first minority that; basically like building your own omelet at a diner—the future world in my series is a zany dystopia that uses humor to filet progressive delusions. I’m sorry to say it, but the Victory Party is canceled!

So, why don’t you grab that free copy of Reparations USA, and visit that equitable future which the Leftist Big Brains have planned for us? Links are below.

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Exploring Leftist Logic: A Trip Inside the Progressive Mind

This is Philip Wyeth. In my two novels, Reparations USA and Reparations Mind, I create a dystopian future America where Reparations is the law of the land. One facet of this world is Leftists going to extreme lengths checking their privilege in absurd atonement rituals.

But beyond satire, I really am trying to understand and articulate the thought processes that make up the progressive worldview. Two recent events show that, one the one hand, I’m directly over the target, but on the other, my ideas which might seem like hyperbole, only have a one-week shelf life before being surpassed by reality.

Consider the Leftist Nora Loreto, whose brainwashing enabled her mind to morph the Humboldt hockey team bus crash tragedy into a tweet that questioned whether the “whiteness” and “maleness” of the victims led to so much donation money being raised for the victims’ families.

And then just this week, liberals have been falling all over themselves virtue signaling after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks.

To explore the causes of this white-guilt posturing, I’m going to read an excerpt from the first novel in my series, “Reparations USA.” In the chapter entitled “Privilege,” one of the protagonists, Kate Donohugh, who is a longtime advocate and employee at the Historical Reparations Administration, is stuck at home away from work due to an illness.

“With all this down time, Kate suddenly found herself nagged by an old ghost from the early days of her awakening, when the naive, self-centered girl from the suburbs was first bombarded by the raw truth of how overwhelming the scale of world suffering was—pain that was in fact so often caused by other white people.

“This new perspective had given birth to an unsparing inner voice that turned making even routine decisions into a statistical analysis ritual, which involved going down a mental checklist to consider how anything she was about to do might affect someone less fortunate than her. It was hard to be present and mindful with so many thoughts pinballing around her head, but Kate made peace with the process by assigning herself an act of contrition or charity to offset any experience or purchase that was pleasurable to herself, such as a kiss or a glass of wine.

“This pestering voice went silent sometime during the HRA’s planning phase, and was mostly forgotten in the busy and effective years since its launch—a fitting reward considering that Kate and her fellow visionaries had found a way to transmute the chatterbox of one’s guilty conscience into applied, outcome-based altruism.

“But now, laid up at home with nothing to do, the voice came back maniacally, seemingly oblivious to all that she’d accomplished, and making wild new demands about remedying problems not covered under the HRA’s umbrella. She felt her mind short-circuit as it grappled with accusations that she was neglecting these other important human rights issues. How did she intend to help people with gender confusion? Was she a self-serving hypocrite for taking advantage of the HRA’s generous health care plan when so many of the people she had allegedly vowed to help still only had access to woeful clinics? Maybe Myra Jenkins was right and the HRA did need to do more.

“Sweating alone in bed one evening, Kate tangled her mind in knots trying to think of new ways she could eradicate her privilege. For years she and every white person she knew had done everything in their power to be conscious of their own inherent advantages, and this had guided them daily in trying to help the people who had not fared as well in life’s lottery. But now she was beginning to suspect that no matter what selfless act she performed, there would always be something else to account for—and how could you sleep peacefully, let alone function, when the goalposts kept moving?

“She turned on the TV to calm herself down, but the first thing she saw was an obnoxious ad by H&R Block boasting about all the archaeologists, translators, and friendly tribal leaders they’d hired to find extra deductions for Debtors. These guys just won’t stop, she thought—and then the power abruptly cut out and she was left in complete darkness.

“She should have embraced this sudden gift of quiet and stillness to go back to sleep, but the old restless Kate of indefatigable action now fighting for her life insisted upon at least getting the flashlight to keep handy until the power returned or Chris got home from the gym, whichever came first. She slid out from the sheets down onto the floor, then delicately crawled over to the TV stand where she groped around the shelves until finding the flashlight.

“But she couldn’t bring herself to turn it on. The instant she’d grabbed it, her mind envisioned all the people out there who didn’t have a flashlight of their own. The inner voice whispered, ‘Don’t use it. Stand in solidarity with them. Check your light privilege!’

“From here her thoughts tumbled into a self-incriminating house of mirrors. What other comforts did she enjoy without ever acknowledging, let alone act upon to rectify? ‘Plumbing!’ the voice yelled. ‘Refrigeration! Transportation! Cell phone!’ And up until five minutes ago, electricity.

“How could she possibly atone for all of this? What virtuous acts would serve to fully exorcise the guilt she now felt for passing decades of her life blind to the thousand micro-advantages she had taken for granted?

“Falling deeper into the hallucination now, Kate’s mind seized upon the fate of her remains. Although she had already decided that scattering her ashes was preferable to the environmental impact of an ornate coffin or even burying an urn, sudden panic set in when she realized that the energy expended during cremation would still add to her life’s cumulative carbon footprint. She fantasized that there must be a way to eclipse the camper’s motto of pack-it-in, pack-it-out, and to honor Mother Earth by disposing of a human body so efficiently as to leave no trace—even less than ashes.

“Chris found her on the floor cradling the flashlight in the dark. She was paralyzed, couldn’t understand what he was saying, but felt him pick her up and carry her onto the bed. She felt the blankets cover her and fell asleep as her body nestled around the unused flashlight.

“That night Kate truly believed for the first time that she was going to die. In truth, it was the turning point in her recovery. Dipping a toe into the darkest corners of her subconscious had given her a sixth-sense insight into the many layers and subtle nuances crammed into that word privilege, and now her drive to fight for the underdog was ten times stronger than before. Once her body healed, she knew that nothing would ever slow her down again.”

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Male Mentors, Hell by the Dashboard Light, Alt-MGTOW, Depression


Alright YouTube, let’s do a little impromptu chat in the style of Hell by the Dashboard Light. You know, he’s been knocked down by the censors and the flaggers lately.

Thought I’d give a little shout-out to him and also Alt-MGTOW. Guy seems to be going through some tough times and I was thinking just on the drive here about how men have been pushed out of most aspects of society, and it’s almost like YouTube and other social media video platforms, it’s the last corner where male mentorship can happen. Kind of like men basically just put out their ideas, their wisdom, onto these capsules, these video time capsules, and it’s there for other men who are also feeling alienated and isolated to find those at some point.

And you never know what actually happens to the original content creators because they come and go. Like Mayor of MGTOWN, where is that guy? You know, he put out some good videos a couple years ago. Who else? Razorbladekandy, or Razorbladekandy2, he had some stuff for a while.

And it seems like if you’ve been following MGTOW and anything Alt-Right, or whatever you want to call it, the past few years, there’s been a rapid evolution, ideas getting hacked to pieces and guys moving forward.

I think that’s pretty common also in like the metal scenes in decades past, where it’s like a good-natured sense of one-upmanship, like an arms race, so ideas evolved very quickly, and as long as you don’t take it personally with your feelings, it works.

So, I think Helll by the Dashboard Light and Alt-MGTOW, even though they use language more harsh than I would tend to use for this particular channel, if you can get over those harsh words and understand that the ideas are just on the forefront of the battles that are on our society, forces we’re up against, whether it’s the elite, the money people behind the scenes, or the army of conformists, the millions of conformist that are maybe more dangerous, because they’re the ones who are clamping down on us on our everyday lives. Just making things miserable because of their feelings and taking offense.

And a lot of people are checking out, obviously MGTOW men are checking out from the dating/marriage thing, but the John Galt, Go Galt thing I think applies across the board in a lot of ways. People are… Men are just fed up with the lack of rewards and just taking grief.

So anyway, it seems like Alt-MGTOW is really going through some existential tough times, and he’s probably about fifteen to twenty years older than me, and he’s been married a lot, had a lot of money, lost houses, you name it, had children. I’m not going to say what he should or should not do, being in my late thirties myself. And I’ve run businesses, had bands, done a lot of good stuff, had a lot of loss, lot of pain. But not to the degree that this guy and guys of his generation have had.

If you compare him to Vention1MGTOW. Vention, whether or not you want to say it was smart or not, he checked out twenty years ago, in a sense, of not getting married, limiting his dating. So he hasn’t gone through the grief that a lot of guys like Alt-MGTOW, and I have two friends in particular, who are in their fifties, late forties, early fifties, mid-fifties who been in the divorce thing and gotten run through the wringer and I just know their experience firsthand because we’re good friends. I know their children and what they’ve gone through, through the divorces, and basically it’s tough.

So Alt himself seems like he may be close to checking out, not just from content creation, but his life in California or maybe life in general, and I just… I hope he doesn’t do it because he has a lot of wisdom to offer, and you never know what life has to offer you. He’s done a lot of mentorship with these videos to people and exposed a lot of the lies and corruption.

Part of me sometimes thinks that life is like the movie Total Recall, the first one, the good one, where you signed up for this, you actually signed up for this life, so live it, ride the ride, play it through.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to check out, unplug when you want to, but in the same way that I was mentioning in my comments on one of Alt’s videos about some suicides in the heavy-metal world, Jon from… Jon Nodveidt from Dissection, David from Woods of Ypres, the guy from the band Yearning, David Parland from Necrophobic.

It’s just when you tap into this dark stuff, sometimes… What’s that whole thing about looking to the abyss and it looks back at you? You’ve got to be careful if you get too alone to tap into that darkness, it’ll just take you when you tap into that dark stuff.

And heavy metal, it’s like it’s a gift, on the one side it’s a gift because you can tap into deeper things, riches more than your average person, your average conformist. But there’s a dark side, there’s a danger to it. You pay for it in some ways, and I guess you have to be careful in those moments where you’re, you’re in between projects, you’re in between revelations. Understand that, put it in its perspective and know that this is what it takes to push through to that next level. And you have to accept it, you have to go through the dark stuff.

I felt that that Woods of Ypres’s fifth album, “Grey Skies and Electric Light,” really resonated with me because when I was doing some music stuff, a number of years ago, almost at the same time as that album actually, the ’09 to ’11 era, I was close in those dark places—never as close to really think about suicide—but to think that David, that last album was a suicide note put to music, and then he couldn’t take it, he had to check out.

Understand that it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s what I was thinking actually a few minutes ago, so Jon Nodveidt of Dissection, first two albums were unreal Swedish black metal/death metal merge. I kind of call it, instead of the term “blackened death metal,” which some bands have been referred to, it was the inverse, it was like “deadly black,” if that makes any sense.

So anyway, he went to prison for murder in the late 90s, came out of prison early 2000s with a much more, I wouldn’t say refined version, it was more rock, “easy listening” for us extreme metal fans but there was some really good stuff there, some not so good songs on that last album “Reinkaos,” but he actually committed suicide within a year of that coming out, I believe. And couple my friends were really upset about him doing that. But he was deep into this nihilism, misanthropy, and basically felt that he was at the top of his creative game when that album came out, and he could never top it so it was time to go.

And that resonates with some ancient Roman or Greek ideas, I guess, of going out of your best, and you’ve seen some pretty terrible albums and whatnot by bands that peaked and then kept at it. So what about this, though? What if every gymnast or great hockey player, when their career is done, just commit suicide? Like, “Alright, I’m done. Bye! Did my thing.”

No, that’s when you need to transition into mentorship, teaching… passing along what you know. At least that’s my takeaway. Can’t really question or second-guess these great minds of Jon Nodveidt who created some of the most incredible extreme metal of all time. And really, it’s sad that he went away to jail because, in the late 90s, bands like In Flames were just entering their silly phase, and I think the scene got a little too happy and silly with their leadership, and maybe Jon would have kept things more serious had he been in the scene, and not locked up.

So to wrap things up, I guess I just want to say that, men have been marginalized and are isolated in this society, but we should be thankful that we have these platforms—even when obviously, you’re getting censored and knocked off of Twitter and YouTube left and right, but alternatives like Bitchute, Gab, Minds, Steemit/DTube, there are places to put your content and it can be found.

And maybe that can be a catharsis for you, as well as a place to deposit your knowledge and your wisdom and then move on to the next thing in your life. Because I see the writing on the wall. I think there’s… I don’t know if civil war is the word but there is such a divide in this society that it is not going to be resolved in an orderly fashion, if not peacefully, in the sense that you have functional people who are forced to pay for the indoctrination of their children. Or Leftists at these universities, and they come out, graduate and basically try to change society on your dime.

And also, a lot of them get into teaching, so they basically— People on the Left, these progressives, many of them who don’t have children of their own, basically feel like they have the right to access other people’s children’s minds. And right there it should be a huge pushback, people on the right or just center, they’re like, “No, you do not have the right to put your totalitarian ideas in my children’s mind.” So whether it’s homeschooling or something else, that’s probably the first, the first frontier of the pushback, the peaceful pushback.

So I’ll probably think about this more and riff on that maybe in some future, more scripted editorials and monologues, about the pushback. So I’ll stop it here, I’ve gone about 10 minutes, and want to see what you guys think in relation to other channels, content creators on the forefront, who are being silenced by social justice warriors—and enabled by the admins of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, because these admins themselves are working in lockstep to silence people who are just trying to express their opinions.

And the craziest thing of all is that, you think back to people’s mindsets back in 2008, 2002. If you just held on to the people’s beliefs from those years, while everybody else is going so far left, yeah, now you’re considered an extremist because you believe what everybody believed in 2002, 2007, 2008.

It’s just it’s a crazy mile marker on this road that we’re going, and you have to wonder, if things are changing that fast, every five to seven years of major, major changes. Of just mind control, brainwashing on the left, so that normalcy is completely thrown out the window, where’s it going to go another two to five years? Particularly if the left loses in the midterms this fall, or if Donald Trump gets reelected.

So anyway, I’m gonna end this video, and if you want to check out my novels, they’re available on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Amazon. And right now the e-book version of “Reparations USA” is available for free for download as an e-book on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes. I think Amazon still has it at $0.99. So if you want to support me as an author, I can keep doing what I do and speak the truth. At least my truth, as they say. Alright, thanks, guys…

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The 3D Crusade: How Europeans Might Take Their Countries Back

This is Philip Wyeth. Today’s topic could be considered controversial. That is, if a humorous hypothesis can trigger progressives into running to Big Brother to protect their feelings. So let me preface by stressing this distinction: Prediction is not necessarily endorsement. And foresight should not be interpreted as advocacy or incitement.

That said, if something like what I’m about to mull over actually happens, we should remember that it was a predictable reaction provoked by central planning elitists who have no loyalty to their own people. Hubris has been mistaken for vision, and in refusing to protect the gates have put their nations’ children in danger.

So here goes. Multiculturalism in Europe is dying. Or should I say, multiculturalism is killing? The mainstream media would love to completely ignore the failure of this grand experiment which they implicitly endorse—even as they’re forced to cover the most gruesome mile markers of the population importation scheme. Stabbings, bombings, and truck attacks are becoming all too common across the continent.

But beyond the headlines, it’s been left to independent contrarians to put the underlying pieces together, and then present the politically incorrect verdict in obscure corners of social media. These outliers are then insulted, called crackpots, accused of hate speech, and too frequently find that their social media accounts have been sent down the memory hole without warning.

But what if someday in the near future, one of these countries being overrun by refugees and immigrants who won’t assimilate, what if the native-born ethnic population puts its foot down and says no more? What if they see one too many arsons or rapes or trash piles on the street, and as a group say no to the politicians who have sold out their borders and culture?

On that day people in England or Sweden or Germany, who have been disarmed by the nanny state, create weapons with 3D printers and take the fight to people who came not to work or even adopt a “when in Rome” attitude, but simply moved in to take advantage of the kitchen sinks, the paved roads, and free medical treatment.

Yes, the idea of Europeans using knives printed in their national colors to reclaim streets and parks clogged by praying Muslims might be a bit too fanciful—sounding almost like a modern-day Rudyard Kupling screed—but the lawlessness and acid attacks in London alone should be a real wake-up call that the forced Utopia isn’t blooming, and the slow-burn status quo can’t hold indefinitely.

Will young Swedes—whose uncles created one of the fiercest and most influential heavy metal sub-genres of all time, Swedish Death Metal—will they have the courage to assert their Viking heritage by printing out golden broadswords and marching into areas the police have deemed no-go zones?

Will Italian sunbathers, when another boatload of fighting-age African men lands on the beach, put down their camera phones and protect the shores that previous generations knew instinctively to defend?

Will Germans ever shake off their post-World War Two guilt complex of being the world’s scapegoat, and proclaim that they have a right to life in the country that was built over many centuries?

Will Frenchmen, whose famous Parisian streets are now littered with mattresses and filth, will they quietly give in or remember that, Hollywood stereotypes be damned, they too were once great warriors?

The 3D Crusade. Perhaps a bit of folly best suited for a fairy tale or a poem. Or a Netflix movie about Generation Z gamers who discover that they can no longer walk freely in the streets that their great-grandfathers fought to defend. And using tactics learned in military video games, tapping into real-time CCTV feeds while communicating via headsets, the Asperger’s Army stealthily avenges bureaucratic betrayal in what goes down in history as the Memer’s Massacre.

So yes, that’s all probably too much of a stretch. But if you think people whose not-so-distant ancestors took over the whole world, will simply turn the other cheek forever when they have bloodlust baked into their DNA, I don’t think you know much about world history. Whether it’s garden tools or rifles donated by the Swiss, I don’t see how this all resolves itself peacefully.

So we’ll just have to see which of the opposing forces is stronger. Will the cucked-out legal system hold the native populations at bay long enough for Left-wing schools to indoctrinate the children of refugees, so that a snapshot of the future consists of monochrome godless socialists cheering on national soccer teams?

Or will we wake up one day soon to find that a well-coordinated underground of patriots has unleashed a version of pushback as depicted in the John Steinbeck novel “The Moon is Down”?
Because what’s good for Zimbabwe and South Africa surely applies to the homelands of other people too, right?

It’s going to be human nature pitted against the power of soy. Place your bets.

– – –

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New Novel: Reparations Mind

This is the sequel to my first novel, “Reparations USA.”

Election Season, 2028. The War for Dignity has begun. The government is reeling after hackers took control of the massive database used by the Historical Reparations Administration. As panicked techno-refugees flood its gates, the rising Church of Modestianity offers sanctuary from the surveillance state. Facing an uncertain future, the cast of “Reparations USA” returns to discover that often the greatest doubts come from within.

From the corridors of power to inner city pain… From schoolyard lessons to the trappings of fame… “Reparations Mind” is the darkly comical journey into a world where virtue signaling has become the religion of an entire generation. Buckle up and prepare to dive in, because Philip Wyeth’s irreverent satire has belly laughs… touching moments… and even a prescient vision for the future!

You can purchase the book on Amazon (e-book or paperback) and Smashwords.

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