Reparations Mind

My second novel and the sequel to “Reparations USA.” Published on April 3, 2018.

Taking up where book one left off, this irreverent satire explores a dystopian world where an entire generation has turned virtue signaling into a religion. “Reparations Mind” has belly laughs, touching moments, and even a prescient vision for the future…

You can purchase the book on Amazon (e-book or paperback) and Smashwords.

Reparations USA

This is my first novel, published on August 9, 2017. It is future history envisioning what America would look like if reparations for colonialism and slavery were instituted in the mid-2020s.

Rather than the backward-looking TV series in development by HBO and Amazon, this book focuses on current social issues such as the concept of white privilege and guilt, the growing surveillance state, and bureaucracies trying to implement massive programs.

“Reparations USA” is a wild ride full of heart and humor, and its cast of sympathetic characters will defy your expectations and prejudices. I hope you’ll enjoy this ideology study of how so many millions of white people became brainwashed into adopting the self-effacing persona which embodies the modern American Left.

Available for purchase on Amazon (both e-book and paperback), Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.
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