Whether you’re looking for an editor for your manuscript, book cover design, or a ghost writer, I’ve got years of experience in the world of publishing. If you’re tired of just talking about writing a book and finally ready to take your dream across the finish line, get in touch and let’s discuss the scope of your project.

Here’s a sample of the books I’ve helped make a reality:

What a Journey! (2019)
by Larry G. Sanders
Larry’s manuscript had languished on the shelf for years. He entrusted me to edit the chapters, design the book’s layout from front to back, and then publish his memoir far and wide. You can buy the book from:
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Scribd, Apple.

The Way of Spinoza
and Gurdjieff (2022)
by Lewis Almeida
Lewis has dedicated many years of his life to the study of philosophy, in particular the works of Baruch Spinoza and George Gurdjieff. I helped polish the manuscript to make the sophisticated concepts digestible for readers interested in self-improvement. You can buy the book from:
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and Apple.

Never Enough Zeroes (2022)
by Joel Soper with Philip Wyeth
After spending decades caught in the undertow of compulsive gambling, Joel Soper wanted to tell his story to the world. The project blossomed from more than a memoir into a lifeline that will help addicts of all stripes in their own healing journey. The official website is You can buy the book from:
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and Apple.

Transformational Learning (2020)
by Sylvester “Bud” Pues
Mr. Pues devoted more than fifty years of his life to the field of education. Sadly, Bud passed away in 2015 before he was able to complete this textbook which encapsulates the teaching methods developed during his long career. The executor of Bud’s estate hired me to wade through a maze of computer files, then organize and edit the best of Bud’s methodology into one volume. You can buy the book from:
Amazon, Vermont Book Shop, and Sundog Books.

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